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26th Oct 2014, 16:59
Does anyone know if the Jaguar M (Maritime) prototype was re-fitted with standard landing gear? I have a photo of a Jaguar taken nose-on but it appears to be painted grey, suggesting that it is the M version - but it has standard gear and the early (small) nose gear door.

I know Jaguar M was used for flight trials after the M programme ended, but I don't know if its landing gear was switched. Any ideas?

26th Oct 2014, 19:30
Perhaps the link below may help. Photos from 2007 still showing twin nosewheels and single mains which I believe was unique to the M.

aviapassion maquette photoscope jaguar M (http://aviapassionmaquette.free.fr/Aviapassion%20Maquette%20photoscope%20Jaguar%20M.html)

26th Oct 2014, 20:04
It does help indeed! Thanks for that. Mystery solved.