View Full Version : RAF OPS ROOM CLOCK

mike rondot
21st Oct 2014, 05:47
Not sure if this should be here or in Military Aviation..

The RAF Club is seeking a vintage WWII Ops Room clock for its art collection for display in the Club. Does anyone in PPRuNe World have such an item in their archive/shed/museum looking for a very good home?

Working or not, gift or for sale, please contact me at: [email protected]

Thanks for looking.

24th Oct 2014, 09:06
I'd fully understand if you wanted a restored orginal. However there are pretty good replicas (I have one) available occasionally on ebay for 20-35.

Search for 'Operations Room Clock' on ebay.co.uk. No, It's not me selling them.


24th Oct 2014, 12:45
I have one of these in my kitchen.

Railway Clock & RAF Sector Clock reproductions. G. Ellis & Co (http://ellisclocks.com/sector.htm)