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9th Oct 2014, 11:02
This might be a long shot, but I'm trying to jog my memory regarding the route taken to fly LDN - BNE on the Comet service in October 1964.

I remember London-Frankfurt-Rome-Istanbul --- Delhi-Singapore-Darwin-Brisbane but I'm sure there should be something between Istanbul and Delhi.

For the nostalgia buffs, and if it helps, the date in question was 21st October 1964 and the aircraft was G-APDF. It was, from memory, the first wet leased BOAC/QANTAS charter to fly LDN - BNE


9th Oct 2014, 17:39
1964 summer timetable shows BOAC Comets to Brisbane, but not on Wednesdays (your date) and not through the combination of stops described. Nothing too unusual about that, they all tended to get swapped around with each timetable change


Istanbul was an unusual point, it was never a mainstream BOAC station, but a BEA one (Comet 4Bs through Rome and Athens at this time). BOAC focus was through Cairo, but after the 1956 Egypt war BOAC were allowed to go through Istanbul, with traffic rights restrictions. Just a couple of flights left through there by your date, later they let it go back to just BEA again.

12th Oct 2014, 09:08
Quite likely not on the regular BOAC timetable as it was the first wet lease charter to QANTAS for the LDN-BNE run. Thanks for that timetable link. Very interesting.