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David Williams
8th Oct 2014, 19:19
Hi there. Is there anyone who was a member of the Handley Page Gliding Club at Radlett in the 60's? I am researching the histories of the Slingsby T42 Eagle glider and my own one was once owned by the club from about 1965 onwards. Has anyone got any information or hopefully some pictures? Thanks in advance. David.

9th Oct 2014, 08:09
Hi David,

You could try contacting the Handley Page Association which appears to operate on the internet from the Victor Association website.

The Victor Association | The Victor Association (http://www.thevictorassociation.org.uk/)

There was a brief thread about the association a few years back:


A letter to the local paper might elicit some information (better still, can you send them a picture of the Eagle in its heyday to jog some memories?). They have featured articles on Radlett in the past:

When aircraft took off from Radlett (From Watford Observer) (http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/nostalgia/memories/8454670.When_aircraft_took_off_from_Radlett/)

Good luck in your search.


9th Oct 2014, 11:26
why is there so little information on the web regarding Radlett ?

It's just odd that an 'independent' aviation company can have so little information.
Were the employees not that interested working day to day on Victors etc ?

9th Oct 2014, 11:51
Given that Handley Page shut the shed door in 1970, it could be that the majority of their ex-employees who are still around are not too internet savvy. Pensioners posting information on the internet often have to rely on their grandchildren to sort out the resultant mess of junk mail and viruses they then receive.:uhoh:

The association sends its newsletter out as a PDF, or by post.

11th Oct 2014, 06:50
Hello David,

You can trawl through the club news in old Sailplane & Gliding mags here Old Sailplane Glider Magazines (http://www.lakesgc.co.uk/mainwebpages/oldsandgmagazines.htm)

11th Oct 2014, 12:13
I used the search facility on the PDF's from 1965 until Aug-Sept 1970 and there is nothing. Nice piece about the end of Gliding at Radlett in Volume 21 no 4 with mention of some of the gliders they did have though.

David Williams
11th Oct 2014, 18:49
Hi all, thanks for the info, have written the the Handley Page association, Put a question in another part of Pprune and checked the gliding mags, again. A name came up regarding this club, if anyone is in touch with "Spekesoftly"? he has written that he spent many hours gliding there in the 60s. This might be the man I need to talk to.

11th Oct 2014, 20:20
Sorry David, but I think you may have misunderstood a post of mine from some nine years ago:-


The gliding referred to Burtonwood, not Radlett.

David Williams
12th Oct 2014, 15:58
Hi there, just re-read the post, of course you are right, my apologies. Thanks for the reply.

longer ron
12th Oct 2014, 20:41
Might be worth trying on the Keypublishing historic aviation forum - one of the members used to work for HP so maybe possible he has pics/contacts.

I think his username is something like HP111
There is another username HP 81 but do not know if he has any company connection.

rgds LR

12th Oct 2014, 22:47
I am afraid that Key's HP81 will be no help at all. That is me and I am just a Hermes enthusiast, too young to remember them in service. Sorry.

Buster the Bear
13th Oct 2014, 14:54
David Williams, send me a private message with your email address. A friend of my uncle is a leading source of information relating to Radlett. He actually lives the other side of the boundary fence on the A5.

14th Oct 2014, 11:14
Hi Dave

You still have that Eagle then ?? - last time I saw it you were at Talgarth...........

Shows how long ago that was............


8th Aug 2015, 19:07
Hi David,

I've just come across your post. I was a junior member of the Handley Page Gliding Club in the late sixties and managed to do 34 flights in the two seater Slingsby Eagle. My instructor was Ron Asplin who sadly died a few years ago. Other names I remember were Alan Vincent and Ray Bowden. Sorry I cannot remember any more but I am now 65 and my memory is not what it once was!

Dave Lewis

11th Aug 2015, 06:06
There was a gliding instructor at 613 GS Halton in the mid 60s who I believe also flew gliders at Radlett albeit not as an instructor; scots bloke by the name of Heath; wife had nice t1ts (which as a 16 year old ATC cadet you would notice!)
PS I'm 66 so I know what you mean about memory Dave!!