View Full Version : The Beaver Ballad by the Fretless Bar Girls

India Four Two
7th Oct 2014, 11:53
"... but the best one was the Beaver, the DHC-2"


7th Oct 2014, 13:20
Nice Beaver.

joy ride
7th Oct 2014, 15:02
Very enjoyable, I loved the "interlude" for engine sound and the photos of other de Hs. The line "There's all kinds of things you can throw out the back door of a Beaver" is a classic! I used to use a Beaver overhead milling machine, fine piece of kit manufactured by, er, Balding.

7th Oct 2014, 17:50
I've watched this video about a dozen times, still love it. I was lucky enough to fly Beavers early in my career, real early and always wished that I could have flown them more.

They were not a fast aircraft, that's for sure, but it would haul about anything you could put in it, or as the video showed, on the outside of it. ;)

I think Pigboat has thousands of hours in Beavers. Lucky guy.

7th Oct 2014, 19:02
Loved it - top of my bucket list is to fly off floats..........now found I can do it south of Bordeaux - will fix for next summer. But now also had invitation to the end of season bash of the group at Fontenay le Comte who built and fly the 75% scale Mosquito - it will be a sort of warbird day they say- cannot wait

7th Oct 2014, 20:34
Took my first seaplane flight in a Kenmore Air Turbine Otter this summer....it really does not get any better

India Four Two
8th Oct 2014, 05:41
I've not yet had a ride in a round-engine Beaver, but I did get some stick time in a Turbo Beaver. Staggering STOL performance on wheels and cruise in the yellow-arc. My pilot pointedly tapped the ASI when I started a descent to go under a cloud. We were approaching red-line!

When designing the Beaver, DHC canvassed bush pilots to see what they wanted and an almost universal request was a door wide enough to roll fuel drums into the cabin.

Also, the snub-nosed look is due the fact that originally the Beaver was to be powered by a Gipsy Queen, but due to development delays, the Wasp was substituted.

8th Oct 2014, 06:46
I've not yet had a ride in a round-engine Beaver, but I did get some stick time in a Turbo Beaver.

Spot one in the impressive line-up at 2:00.

India Four Two
11th Oct 2014, 19:03

Yes, I spotted that one. :ok:

The bent Beaver at 3:08 didn't hit a dock piling. It was the result of incompetent piloting. See the video taken by a very lucky cameraman:


I've just discovered this link to the background to the song: