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6th Oct 2014, 14:55
Out of curiosity, which other countries have anything like the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Royal Navy Historic Flight and the Army Historic Aircraft Flight?

For clarification, privately owned warbirds don't count, although individual historic aircraft, operated by the air arm for display/memorial purposes only, do.

6th Oct 2014, 16:51
Indian Air Force is starting to put one together (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/pune/IAF-to-restore-series-of-vintage-aircraft/articleshow/18159180.cms?referral=PM),

Think the Tiger has been restored here in the UK and has flown, also perhaps a Harvard.

Wapiti would be a gem!

Israel used to have a Spitfire IX flying which I think was operated by the Air Force. Might still be!

6th Oct 2014, 19:25
Also, The Sweedish Air Force Historical Flight gets some help from the Air Force- seems like a public/private partnership

I seem to recall Stearman's were recently still with the air arms in Mexico and Columbia, and were occasionaly flown for special events. Not a dedicated team like the BBMF, but still noteworthy.

7th Oct 2014, 08:10
SAAF Museum?
IIRC Mirage III, Vampire, Sabre, Bosbok, Alouettes, Harvards and some others from time to time.

India Four Two
7th Oct 2014, 11:10
USAF Heritage Flight


Air Force Heritage Flight Foundation (http://www.airforceheritageflight.org/)

7th Oct 2014, 12:34
I think the poster was asking for state run, or at least quasi state run historical flights. The USAF hertitage flight (and US navy) has privately owned warbirds crewed by civilian volunteers, fly in formation with active duty current aircraft, but I do not think the historic warbirds are owned by the Air Force, so perhaps not really what he was asking about. I believe the current active duty aircraft that do these demonstrations are the designated demonstration pilots for each airshow season- they do their solo demo flight and the heritage flight, often without landing in between. Most years there are dedicated demo flight crews for the main modern aircraft (F-22, F-15, F-16, A-10, F-18, etc) and for some there are east/west coast teams.

So I don't think the USAF heritage flight is much like the BBMF, but happy to be correced.

7th Oct 2014, 18:02
So I don't think the USAF heritage flight is much like the BBMF, but happy to be correced.

Sad to say you are correct Sandie. The only part of the USAF Heritage Flight that is operated by the US Air Force are the current line fighters, all the other aircraft are privately owned or civilian owned interests.

Shame really, as I would loved it if the USAF had saved a couple of B-36s and B-47s and kept them in flying condition.

By the way, there are civilian owned F-100s, F-4s and F-104s flying in the US, along with F-86s and I do believe one F-84.

7th Oct 2014, 21:19
Check out Australia. Temorra airfield south of Sydney.

7th Oct 2014, 21:32
South African Air Force did operate a Spitfire XVI until an engine failure and subsequent forced landing wrote it off a few years ago. But Spitfires being what they are, I have little doubt it will reappear in a few years time!

Incidently, three of the civilian pilots involved the in the US Heritage flight progamme, Steve Hinton, Ed Shipley and Dan Friedkin flew P-51s and a P-39 in formation with a Lakenheath F-15E at Duxford several years ago. No Lakenheath crews were suitably qualified, so a crew from Seymour Johnston AFB were flown across to do the honours!

7th Oct 2014, 22:10
The RAAF Museum (owned and operated by the RAAF) currently fly a Winjeel, CT-4, Tiger Moth and Sopwith Pup. We have a Mustang, which until recently was airworthy, but it requires an engine overhaul and the funds are lacking for the work to be completed.

7th Oct 2014, 22:53
Jordan created an Historic Flight under the late King Hussein's direction, with 3 Hunters and 2 Vampires, which were all modified to civil standards at Jet Heritage, Bournemouth. I know they all left the UK but don't know whether they're still active.