View Full Version : Beluga turns 20 today

20th Sep 2014, 08:19
Beluga went into service 20 years ago...my how time flies....

Heathrow Harry
20th Sep 2014, 14:57
Beluga and the various Guppy's pretty much prove you can make any shape fly if you try hard enough.........................

21st Sep 2014, 20:18
The Russian ekranoplans certainly prove your theory!

21st Sep 2014, 22:02
Never seen one - used to see the Guppies occasionally...

21st Sep 2014, 23:25
Ground effect vehicle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground_effect_vehicle)

22nd Sep 2014, 15:14
Prefer cod roe myself; always considered beluga ostentatious; and at twenty-years old, it's well past its best-before date.

22nd Sep 2014, 18:32
The Beluga is a truly weird craft, but it does a specific job very well and in the wonderful world of AB it fulfils the production jigsaw. I used to live under the flightpath where it came twice a day, every day, so I've seen it more than enough times to be blasť. However anyone visiting me back then would always be gobsmacked and wonder "what the hell is that ?" as it 'sang' (that special engine tone that it and the A300 family share) during it's descent.