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28th May 2002, 19:07
Saw a brief article in tonights Eveneing Standard about a bent Messerschmidt that force landed out of White Waltham, any info. anyone???

I have control
29th May 2002, 19:18
Was that not about 2 years ago during the shooting of the Pearl Harbor movie?

Red Spitfire Driver
29th May 2002, 19:53

The 'Bent Messerschmidt' was - according to BBC South News- 'force landed near Sonning - after engine problems - the aircraft force landed, and is awaiting checking by an engineer before being flown out of the field'.
The field appeared to be beside the Thames.
I went for a wander along the Thames riverbank this AM - couldn't see it ! - may try the other bank tomorrow !
The pictures showed a Nord 1002 Pingouin in military markings as KG+EM - which is really G-ETME.


30th May 2002, 13:23
It's the 108 (post-war licence built with a Lycoming engine) that was featured on the cover of Flyer a few months ago. It's based at Waltham. The crew were reported to be OK, and it sound like the aircraft may be too.

30th May 2002, 15:44
thanks for the replies, at least it wasn't another 109!!
:eek: :eek: