View Full Version : Warbird over Harwell this afternoon.

Windy Militant
15th Sep 2014, 18:52
About 14:30 ish this afternoon I heard a fairly hefty roar going over work, by the time I got out of the building the aircraft concerned was too far away for me to make a positive ID but according to a couple of the smokers club who had a better view, it looked like a Tempest. What ever it was, it was flying in fairly tight formation with a light twin tracking along the A34 by the looks of it. I suspect it was a photo shoot of some sort. Anyone able to shed some light on this. I know there were rumours of couple of Tempests under restoration, could my man have seen one or was he smoking something a bit stronger than Woodbines.;)

15th Sep 2014, 19:17
I believe Peter Vachers Hurricane was doing a photo shoot this afternoon with an Aztec

Windy Militant
15th Sep 2014, 20:03
That seems a sensible explanation, I'll tell my mate to lay off the weed!