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Yaw String
5th Sep 2014, 09:36
This airline was founded in 2005,in Sheffield,UK...and ceased operations in 2007.

The single Boeing 767-200 eventually found its way to Brunei,South East Asia,for maintenance....and there it remained

G-CECU has now been cut up for scrap,and dumped in the jungle,at Serasa.

If anyone is interested I have some pics of the front half,well,some of it!


5th Sep 2014, 12:24
Go on then; post them. It's very easy.

Here's one of G-CECU being broken up at East Midlands Airport in 2011.


Aircraft tail numbers change all the time, it's the MSN - Manufacturer's Serial Number that counts.
Which MSN is it that was scrapped in Brunei?

5th Sep 2014, 12:35
G-CECU Long term resident of EMA has started to succumb to the cutters torch. Seems it won't quite make its 30th Birthday! So, if you've not seen it, or want one final look at this forlorn beast, then pop to EMA, asap! It was no 4 on the 767 production line and it's a shame, but I guess all beasts eventually have their day.


FEB 08 2011:confused:

5th Sep 2014, 12:43
but I guess all beasts eventually have their day.True; but there's a couple of lovely Lancasters bimbling about the country at the moment. :ok:

5th Sep 2014, 16:30
I think the aircraft concerned is actually G-CEMK that was flown to Brunei, stripped of its engines and other valuable spares and then abandoned by the owners, much to the embarrassment of the local authorities.

If that's right, the story up to when I left there, was that the aircraft was flown in and parked up because of Brunei DCA's lax attitude to parking fees - a handy place for an insolvent company tpo hide a valuable asset. After some time, a group of people turned up, removed the engines and flew them out. It is likely that they were sent by the owners of the engine mortgagers. The airframe was then, of course, stranded. Sad to hear about it being cut up, but what alternative was there? A similar fate to the Fijian State aircraft that was impounded at Subang for non-payment of landing fees and which became a restaurant at Petaling Jaya before being scrapped when too corroded for further use.