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28th May 2002, 08:45
Hello all,
I am a piston pilot and while waiting to line up on the runway a G4 rolled past with it's two inboard leading edge lights flashing on and off. I have never seen this before. Was i seeing things or is this common. Thos was about 3 in the arvo.

28th May 2002, 08:55
Several operators have this option...and on several aeroplanes.
'Tis called....recognition.

Gas Hamster
1st Jun 2002, 04:36
Saw these (alternate) lights at Aberdeen whilst waiting at the hold for a Gulf.5 to land.

Certainly got them noticed,but thought we'd been done for taxying too fast up to the holding point!

Or of course for the 16kg of H in the FOs socks..

1st Jun 2002, 14:07
It's an option on most corporate aircraft, and even Southwest Airlines has them on some of their 737's.:)

Jaun Huw Nose
4th Jun 2002, 22:20
Flashing landing lights is also an ICAO signal by an a/c in distress!! confused a tower controller friend the first time she saw it!;)

5th Jun 2002, 05:06
they're more noticable than a steady light. also, birds are more akin to get out of the way of the flashing lights rather than a steady one.

they're pretty standard on helos, aka bird lights