View Full Version : Skymaster Boeing 707 in Manaus

Fris B. Fairing
2nd Sep 2014, 01:43
Do we have a reader with local knowledge who can confirm the identity of the 707 on the right please?


The photo was taken in 2011 so is the aircraft still there? Are Skymaster still operating? Any help much appreciated.


2nd Sep 2014, 04:42

Photos I found are copyright so google the rego.

Fris B. Fairing
2nd Sep 2014, 05:17
Thanks Megan

That's conclusive. MTR it is ... er was.

2nd Sep 2014, 06:45
Some photos of it being broken up here: Aviões são abandonados em terreno particular de Manaus - Direto da Redação - Fórum Contato Radar (http://forum.contatoradar.com.br/index.php/topic/79079-avioes-sao-abandonados-em-terreno-particular-de-manaus/)

2nd Sep 2014, 13:20
Nope. Long gone. Dismantled and gone before all the new airport construction work before the World Cup Games. The eyesore is gone - finally, after years of languishing off to the side of the tarmac.

2nd Sep 2014, 18:29
Don't think I will bother getting my B707 manuals out of the attic:{

3rd Sep 2014, 02:16
The DC-8 looks equally knackered. I'll not be blowing the dust off my manuals either.