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27th May 2002, 22:45
I know this is probably getting on everbodys nerves but -

Im -5 in the left and -5.5 in the right , do you think its worth turning up and trying - its so close !!!

28th May 2002, 01:11
You've got nothing to lose in trying - just the 400 fee...

However, they do ask you to fax them a copy of your most recent prescription before your medical - you'll have to think of a good excuse for that one!

28th May 2002, 12:59
On the same topic, not wanting to start another thread...

When you go to have your medical, do you actually have to have your eyesight corrected to basically 20/20? I'm slightly short-sighted in one eye (~19/20), but have 20/20 with the other and 20/20 when combined. I did have a prescription for the small amount of correction required, but never got glasses since it didn't seem worth it. Would I need to get this prescription made up for the medical?

Flying Chicken
31st May 2002, 08:40
Dumpertruck - print off a copy of the eyesight requirements from the CAA website, take it to an optician and get them to do a full opthalmologists report (any optician will do this for about 15-20) which you then send to the CAA Medical Division who will have a look at it and tell you whether it's worth you turning up for a medical or not. Surprisingly, the CAA will actually do this for free!! It's probably the only thing the CAA will ever do for you for nothing, so take advantage.

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