View Full Version : Gloster Javelin. Blunted aileron trailing edges

29th Aug 2014, 15:21
From the FAW,7 mark onwards these ailerons were fitted to extend the buffet boundary. Does anybody know if the T.3 version had them as difficult to tell from photographs ?

29th Aug 2014, 17:42
It's some 49 years since I last flew a Javelin, so my memory might be at fault, but I believe the T3 had vortex generators but did not have the thickened aileron trailing edges fitted to the FAW 7 & 8 (and therefore the 9 & 9R)

30th Aug 2014, 00:38
Thank you NutherA2, very little mention of these in Javelin books. Did you go thru 228OCU at Leeming ?

30th Aug 2014, 08:31
Did you go thru 228OCU at Leeming ?Yes, October 1960 to February 61; the Vale of York weather was typically horrible all winter.