View Full Version : 60(R) Sqn RAF Seeks Recollections from the Wessex Years

28th Aug 2014, 08:30
As 60(R) Squadron’s 2016 centenary approaches, a review of its own recorded history has recently been carried out. For the period of association with the mighty Wessex, the usual F540 exists and the squadron has plenty of photos, but is rather scant on stories, dits, and anecdotes, the sort that bring history to life ... Did you serve on the squadron at Benson during that period? Can you spare us a paragraph, or even more, to help get a flavour of the ‘real’ 60? To jog your memory, here are some examples of squadron activity during this period:

Repairing Wallingford church steeple
Sanctuary training
Presentation of the Fahnenbander
‘The runaway bowser’
Czech airshow, Hradec Kravelove
Blackpool Zoo and other landaways

To respect privacy, only aircrew initials are reproduced below, are you amoung them?

AC, AC, (not a misprint), RF/DF, AB, AC, DS, IC, JW, TR, MM, PA, JB, DB, PT, RW, GL, NJ, JH, JA, JH, PC, TF, DF, ID, OO, IC, NM, AP, SW, GP, HN, SG, BR, RW, NJ, GB, JA, PF, PH, CB, HT.

The intention, for posterity, is for a marrying up of personal recollections to a general narrative. The address below is for anyone who can spare a little time to write to us, and, once details have been firmed up, is also for those of you who would like to be kept up to date on arrangements for the centenary. Finally, a reminder that OC 60 is looking for contributions from any trade.

[email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.

28th Aug 2014, 16:54
All the aircrew seem to have only two initials and no hyphens in sight - how common!