View Full Version : If anyone wants a Constellation - here's one for sale cheap

26th Aug 2014, 18:14
Twelve abandoned aircraft that are using space at Ninoy Aquino in Manila are for sale, including a Connie and three DC3s. It would be a pity if they all go for scrap.

The Connie is for sale at around $30,000 but has to be moved sharpish.

For Auction 12 Aircraft (

And I only saw it on the internet; I'm not involved.

26th Aug 2014, 19:18
Yes, thanks for that.
The community's been aware of that upcoming auction for a while now.
None of them are "Drive Away - No More to Pay" deals.

Prospective bidders should be aware, though, that they will be required to 'assist the local economy'.
This may involve "Buying a Drink" for a couple of the local scrappers.*

Just so you know.


EDIT: *...and certain others who may be keen to facilitate your transaction


Phileas Fogg
27th Aug 2014, 12:13
I've seen them whilst taxying past ... not a pretty sight!

Now if anybody might source me a cheap Blackburn Buccaneer or a Sea Harrier then I might be interested :)