View Full Version : How the 737 Got Its Hamster Mouth

25th Aug 2014, 02:31
Nice article on the history of the 737-3/4/500 series.


“It looks like a hamster,” said the Airbus market-intelligence man who made it his business to tip me off about such things. Nonetheless, Gregoire’s 737‑300 met the requirements—quieter, more productive, and more economical—and was launched in April 1981. Boeing predicted a modest market for 300 airplanes. One of the launch customers was a Texas regional operation called Southwest Airlines.

25th Aug 2014, 04:52
Yeah so said the Airbus man!!

I won't say what the A380 looks like but I'm sure most of you know already....:ok:

25th Aug 2014, 06:47
Hmmm. An unattributed, if not apocryphal quote, 35 years after the event ?

Or just the latest load of tosh from Bill Sweetman, who must surely be getting close to his sell-by date ?

Amadis of Gaul
25th Aug 2014, 13:05
Aviation "journalists" tend to be at least as creative as regular journalists.

25th Aug 2014, 20:40
I won't say what the A380 looks like but I'm sure most of you know already

The only aeroplane I can think of that looks worse in reality than in any picture.