View Full Version : Radio Broadcast from a Bygone Era

24th Aug 2014, 23:41

Seems a gentler era than todays in your face media.

25th Aug 2014, 13:46
Fascinating. Does anyone know if this was the first supersonic flight in Australia? I remember being at RAAF Richmond at about the same time (aged six), and witnessing what I believed was the first one. Neither Wiki nor Google seem to be any help.

25th Aug 2014, 21:36
Great to listen to!

This site seems to agree with it being the first, but Scott sounds so calm on the recording - maybe he practised it a few times before this date? :)

Air Power Development Centre (http://airpower.airforce.gov.au/HistoryRecord/HistoryRecordDetail.aspx?rid=266)

26th Aug 2014, 08:41
Thanks, clears that up. The Richmond one was impressive enough though; possibly because I was already besotted with aeroplanes, and headed for a flying career. Sadly never flew a fast jet, but still had a lot of fun times.