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19th Aug 2014, 09:51
Hi, has anyone got this video in better video quality or have a link to it, Thanks

Its a great heart moving video, well it was for me.

BA Commercial: Concorde - YouTube

19th Aug 2014, 10:57
Still brings tears to my eyes: one of the best years of my life production controlling assemblies for two noses and visors at Marshal of Cambridge 1969/70, and very proud to have played a minor part in a major achievement

Shaggy Sheep Driver
19th Aug 2014, 11:58
It's a bit annoying that in that video the take off footage shows the aeroplane apparently taking off with the nose on the fully-drooped 12.5 degree position (in some shots), and also in the correct 5 degree droop position in other shots in the same t/o sequence (12.5 degrees was the usual landing position, 5 for t/o).

But I do like that shot of the magnificent white bird powering up and away from the Red Arrows after the Mall fly-by.

joy ride
19th Aug 2014, 15:19
I cannot help with a better quality version, but great to watch that one!
I watched the last 3 Concorde flights heading to LHR from our rooftop, as did many people in surrounding properties. They flew different approaches and met up in line virtually overhead. We could hear cheering and applause all around, almost drowning out the twelve Olympus engines. A fantastic but very sad sight.

19th Aug 2014, 18:03
When she visited Sydney for the first time, she moved all of us, I can tell you!

Shaggy Sheep Driver
19th Aug 2014, 19:02
Those of you living in or visiting the UK can come and see the flagship aeroplane of the flagship fleet, G-BOAC, at Manchester. She's in superb condition, and you even get to sit in the P1 seat! Oh, and you'll get to watch a hi-res version of that video as well! :ok:

20th Aug 2014, 17:07
Hello SSD,
Visited OAE a couple of years ago. Only two couples there at the time. Strictly no access to the flight deck though. We were " well supervised" during the visit. Is this the same at Manchester? I would not like to think anyone would have access to the FD without supervision.
Keep up the good work,

Shaggy Sheep Driver
20th Aug 2014, 20:43
BOAC73, all Manchester tours except the 'short tours' (20 minutes for kids) include a flight deck visit. There will be a guide in the P2 seat, the P1 seat and jump seat being available for visitors. We take a max of 4 at a time into flight deck; 2 seated, 2 standing.

On our Technical and VIP tours (where there's ample flight deck time) everyone gets a chance to sit in the P1 seat. On the cheaper and shorter 'classic' tours, there usually isn't time for seat-swapping, but everyone gets to visit the flight deck.

20th Aug 2014, 20:52
G-BBDG is on permanent display at Brooklands and the 30 minute 'Concorde Experience' is memorable and moving experience and fantastic value at 4.
Brooklands Concorde (http://www.brooklandsconcorde.co.uk/)
The Concorde Experience - Brooklands Museum (http://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/index.php?/your-visit/the-concorde-experience/)

The Concorde Simulator is just behind the ticket desk and runs on a loop most of the time and viewing is free.
It can also be 'flown' ... for a price!