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16th Aug 2014, 07:15
I believe there is a Canadian Lancaster doing airshows in the UK. Any one seen it yet?

16th Aug 2014, 07:23
If you get yourself down to Eastbourne seafront today or tomorrow afternoon, you will be able to see it flying in tandem with the BBMF example. Probably a once in a lifetime happening, as trans Atlantic crossings of such venerable aircraft aren't common.


India Four Two
16th Aug 2014, 09:23

There are some nice pictures at the end of this thread in the Military forum:


Easy to miss because of the tongue-in-cheek title :)

16th Aug 2014, 17:16
Thanks for that.

16th Aug 2014, 20:31
I took my own advice and saw them at Airbourne today. The funny thing was, as abstract as it was seeing and hearing the two Lancasters together, it seemed simultaneously as normal and natural as can be. The sound was glorious and from my vantage point on the high ground to the west it resonated for a good while.


17th Aug 2014, 19:22
Hot footed it to Herne Bay today, we were promised a display by 2 Lancs, a Spit and a Hurricane. Earlier we had seen the Typhoon cavorting round the sky from our back garden followed by 4 little thingies with VW Beetle engines.

We stood on Hampton Pier ( about 30ft long) and watched a massive black cloud boil up from the west, this let loose a torrent of rain just as we reached the safety of our car.

The Lancs, at al, never showed as far as we know.

Deep sadness :{.

Mr Angry from Purley
17th Aug 2014, 20:37
They never left Conningsby due to the high winds today, Sywell Air Show also missed them. Good luck with the other shows

barry lloyd
17th Aug 2014, 20:50
They never left Conningsby due to the high winds today, Sywell Air Show also missed them. Good luck with the other shows

That explains a lot, Mr Angry. I live near Sywell and I had my camera on standby this afternoon, along with FR 24, but no sign or sound of eight Merlins. The WX around here has been OK today, so I was wondering what had happened.

longer ron
18th Aug 2014, 06:13
Shoulda checked the weather forecast ; )

I had a look at the bbc forecast on fri night and decided to change my Eastbone visit to Saturday on account of the 24mph wind forecast !

Had a lovely day in the sun but as SHJ said - it was quite surreal - lovely noise :)

joy ride
18th Aug 2014, 12:47
I was hoping to get to Headcorn over the week end but other things got in the way as usual. I am hoping someone is going to post some good footage with GOOD sound!

surely not
18th Aug 2014, 13:25
I went to the Eastbourne show on Friday 15th and in order to give myself a chance of some pics with a different perspective watched from by the Bomber Command memorial on Beachy Head. The place was packed with photographers using some very expensive kit and I am certain that there will be some wonderful pics of the two Lancasters appearing soon.

It was funny that after the two Lancs had finished their duo display they were seen moving off around the back of Beachy Head and all cameras were pointed away from the Spitfires display as we waited for them to come round the Head and rejoin with the Spits. It can't have been often that the Spitfires have been the support act for the Lancaster.

Wonderful sight and a wonderful noise. Even Mrs SN was appreciative.

18th Aug 2014, 17:22
I am hoping someone is going to post some good footage with GOOD sound!

Not the day I was there, but pretty much what was experienced with the clattering of the Merlins resonating across the calm sea and up the cliffs.



19th Aug 2014, 21:15
Here's a link to an even better video:


19th Aug 2014, 21:47
Fabulous !

Art Smass
19th Aug 2014, 21:53
Absolutely awesome sound - goosebumps stuff:D

19th Aug 2014, 23:36

Some totally different views of it on the ground.

20th Aug 2014, 21:22
Video I shot of her taxiing to a halt at her home base of Hamilton, Ontario, earlier this year, when she was painted with some rather nice "sharks' teeth" markings on her engines: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=622QWmsJ8sA

joy ride
21st Aug 2014, 08:21
Spiffing cinematic presentations there, chaps, tally ho!

I turned my loudspeakers all the way down to deafening.

no sponsor
23rd Aug 2014, 19:39
The video doesn't capture the glorious sound of 8 merlins. If you have the chance, you've got to get to a show to see and hear them.

23rd Aug 2014, 20:31
The Merlins have a lovely smooth sound but the finest moment of every flight was when they were shut down and you could take your leather helmet off and scratch your head, hard, with both hands.
Disclaimer: I only flew the Lancaster III on Maritime Reconnaissance.

24th Aug 2014, 07:15
Question: Which of these sounds do you find the most stirring?

a. Vulcan QRA on Scramble.

b. 10 Merlins in formation.

For me it has to be: a. - viscerally, b. -emotionally

All brought to you by British workmanship!!

24th Aug 2014, 08:16
The Merlins have a lovely smooth sound but the finest moment of every flight was when they were shut down and you could take your leather helmet off and scratch your head, hard, with both hands.
Disclaimer: I only flew the Lancaster III on Maritime Reconnaissance.

Apart from the BBMF pilots, you must take the prize for the last pilot of the venerable aircraft in it's active service :D

I'd definitely recommend all who love to see the older stuff flying to make the pilgrimage to wherever in the next 30 days to see the two Lancasters flying. The sound off the videos is (to my ears) close to being there, but the added element of hairs standing up on the back of the neck is missing, that only being there can bring.


24th Aug 2014, 09:27
There are still a few World War Two Lancaster pilots around

Dr Jekyll
24th Aug 2014, 16:10
Question: Which of these sounds do you find the most stirring?

a. Vulcan QRA on Scramble.

b. 10 Merlins in formation.

For me it has to be: a. - viscerally, b. -emotionally

All brought to you by British workmanship!!

Apart from the pedantic point that the engines in the Canadian Lancaster are Packard Merlins, therefore American workmanship.

24th Aug 2014, 23:06
Here are 9 in formation at Dunsfold today....


25th Aug 2014, 07:16
Actually that's eight in formation as the Spitfire has a Griffon........

25th Aug 2014, 07:37
Here's a shot from the PDA day at RAF Conningsby of all ten merlins in formation.......

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5556/14842237448_db2349befa_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/oBym6E)DSC03660 (https://flic.kr/p/oBym6E) by seafurysmith (https://www.flickr.com/people/[email protected]/), on Flickr

The Canadian Lancaster sounds slightly different due I am told to different exhaust stubs (shorter).

25th Aug 2014, 10:03
There you go, nag, nag, nag! still sound bl@@dy good, the aircraft that is

29th Aug 2014, 11:33
Vera has just gone tech, cancelling her participation in this weekend's events...


Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (https://www.facebook.com/CanadianWarplaneHeritageMuseum/posts/10152637937196280?fref=nf)

29th Aug 2014, 12:11
https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/1908077_844004972285007_4469254648684196243_n.jpg?oh=ebef513 33a4eb19728994680989abf05&oe=546CDA3F&__gda__=1416535042_ca1ae6913d02dbbb4574885ed222022e

29th Aug 2014, 12:59
****! ****! ***!

Can't believe, it all three of my opportunities to see it have gone pear-shaped... :{

29th Aug 2014, 13:58
Tell me about it. I've just returned to the UK and thought I'd missed the whole show. Found they were to be virtually passing overhead on Sunday and went into woo-hoo mode. Sadly that didn't last long...

The techs were speculating oil smoke, so piston ring/run bearing perhaps? Now also saying possibly a glycol plume, so head gasket, or just a coolant hose/union? Not sure if there are any other possibilities, so they're covering all the bases! I'm praying for the latter possibility.

Hope the local Halfords is on stand-by.

Robert Cooper
29th Aug 2014, 16:19
Apparently it's an oil leak, the origin of which is still being investigated.

Bob C :sad:

joy ride
29th Aug 2014, 17:06
It is part and parcel of flying vintage aeroplanes but a big disappointment; I hope they can soon fix it, and not miss many shows.

29th Aug 2014, 20:26
The BBC article about it says that an airworthy Merlin is on its way from East Kirkby.... :D

BBC News - Canadian Lancaster Bomber grounded ahead of Bournemouth Air Festival (http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-28981916)

29th Aug 2014, 22:23
number 4 engine being changed at MME this weekend with a spare from Just Jane at east kirkby

i flew on the Lanc with the Canadians on Wednesday out of HUY
awesome! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1534098233488891&set=a.1390643774501005.1073741827.100006661869448&type=1&theater

also we had a vet on board our flight with us
shot down in Jan 1945
his base was RAF Kelstern
a/c pd 388 queen of the skies

lovely man
made my day - very moving that i flew on a Lanc and to remember over 55000 who never came home

31st Aug 2014, 18:40
The RAF Lancaster flew over the LAA meeting at Sywell this afternoon - came from behind the airport buildings/hangars low fast and loud :ok:

Simply magnificent........

31st Aug 2014, 19:53
The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum have an update. They are also seeking donations to fund the engine's overhaul and you will find out how from a link within the update. :ok: Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum - Canadian Aviation History | Wartime Vintage Aircraft (http://www.warplane.com/)

1st Sep 2014, 17:33
Apparently the problem was a supercharger failure. Sad times indeed but the guys have been working hard day and night.

Replacement engine should be hanging today, a lot of coversion work required due to different engine types.

They are hoping for a test run in the morning and if all goes well, a test flight later in the day.

1st Sep 2014, 19:13
New engine is on, still needs prop and loads of other bits.

1st Sep 2014, 21:17
Cancelled for the 'Sold Out' Three Lancs event at East Kirkby tomorrow, even more galling is that the BBMF Lanc has pulled out too so there is no flypast. However Stalls/shops will still be there for the 5000 who paid for tickets.
I can understand safety issues being a concern and cancelling the Canadian Lanc on those grounds is one of those things, but why BBMF Lanc too?

1st Sep 2014, 22:02
Simplythebeast, the Canadian Lanc is still far from ready to fly. No idea on the BBMF.

2nd Sep 2014, 16:49
As Woody42 stated perhaps the BBMF are keeping their flying hours for another day. Just how many flying hours are allowed per year for the Lanc ??:ok::ok:

joy ride
2nd Sep 2014, 19:41
Whatever both outfits are doing, I would be willing to bet they are doing everything humanly possible to ensure the safety of the two priceless planes AND to please as many of us enthusiasts as possible...

2nd Sep 2014, 19:47
Statement from BBMF:
02 September 2014

We are working hard to support the activities of our Canadian guests and discussing with them the possibility of rescheduling the cancelled 3 Lancaster event at East Kirkby.

Also, we endeavour to support the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre as much as we possibly can, having flown 8 flypasts at East Kirkby already this year.

As part of our planning processes we have to carefully allocate the time we have available to fly each airframe. In the case of the Lancaster, we currently have 24 hours and 5 minutes of flight time left for this year, before fixed scheduled maintenance commences at the beginning of October. Planned major displays include several with the Canadian Lancaster at, for example, Prestwick, Port Rush in Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and Southport. There are also many other flypasts planned, including the 3 Lancaster event at East Kirkby this Sunday on our return from Prestwick.

Therefore in order to meet the potential for a rearranged 3 Lancaster event, we had to take the unfortunate step of cancelling the flypast over East Kirkby today.

4th Sep 2014, 14:40
Just had an e-mail from Friends of Duxford saying it will be there on 14 Sep. so will I!

4th Sep 2014, 15:12
There is a nice signed picture on the DTVA web site.

4th Sep 2014, 15:32
So what will have happened to the money paid up front for the prize draw tickets for a seat in the aircraft for the Kirby event?

Will it be refunded, or carried forward, or just "gone"?

4th Sep 2014, 15:48
Did they print terms and conditions on the tickets?

5th Sep 2014, 22:22
You don't get a ticket to read.

7th Sep 2014, 13:00
Stood right underneath the pair as they overflew Linton this morning, magnificent sight and sound. Must confess to a lump in my throat.

7th Sep 2014, 14:54
Just stood with about 500 people watching from Mellor hill at Salmesbury , picked up at about 15 miles two famous profiles and watched the two Lancaster's until they were almost on top of me , then took some hurried pics, they will come out blurred I fear, so will need to get some from the local press people, but that noise, the noise alone is History to many thousands of people.

Long may they fly, and thank-you to the Canadians for bringing theirs here for us all to see.

Peter R-B

Mr Mac
8th Sep 2014, 16:47
Also tried to see both Lancaster's yesterday as they normally fly by my house when coming down the Pennines on the way home. Unfortunately yesterday they pushed of over Halifax and then up the Holme valley to Holmfirth so we were about 7 miles away rather than overhead. Anyway well done Canada for coming over and maybe we will see them after another northern show, Southport perhaps .
Also about 3hrs later a PBY Catalina crossed down the Pennines going south any ideas where it was coming from and going to as I have not seen one since mid 1980,s near Blackbushe.

Mr Mac

8th Sep 2014, 17:44
The Catalina was G-PBYA in transit from Prestwick to Duxford. It passed over Mansfield, we were on our way back from East Kirby.

Mr Angry from Purley
9th Sep 2014, 19:11
Both Lancs are due to show at various places this weekend. If anyone knows the dep time from Conningsby would much appreciate heads up

9th Sep 2014, 19:42
News (http://www.raf.mod.uk/bbmf/news/)

you will get the flying program times on there

Lancaster Bomber 2014 UK Tour (http://www.warplane.com/lancaster-2014-uk-tour.aspx)

9th Sep 2014, 19:46
Admitted defeat today and passed on my tickets for Sunday's 3 Lancs event as I cant get there. Hopefully someone will have a great day though.

15th Sep 2014, 07:13
Having missed my three previous opportunities to see the pair (Eastbourne vicinity, Kenley and Shoreham), made a late decision to head down to Goodwood on Saturday and watch the flypast from atop the Trundle, a nearby Hill Fort.

Following an alcohol induced oversleep and much travel chaos, I managed to get to Worthing and meet up with friends AND get to our vantage point in plenty of time for the 11:30am flypast: "Weather's a bit crap". No surprise then that the flypast was postpopned to 4pm, so off to Midhurst and Petworth to sample a couple of pubs. Back on the hill by 4pm, enjoyed the Cranberry and Hunter flypasts - "Lancs are now delayed till 6pm", so back down the hill and off to a village called Charlton for another pint.

Back before 6pm, joy, oh joy as they made four circuits: "Oy, how about a flypast over here?" And they did... right past the Trundle, they must have know there was quite a crowd of people (and cows) watching from the vantage point...

Bloody marvellous! :ok:

Odd to see an air display from above though.

15th Sep 2014, 16:36
I once watched the Reds from above from the top of the hill above Polruan as they did the Fowey display - amazing, and by coincidence when I retired from being a RA Trustee, they gave me a print of the same display. still a treasured piece of memorabilia

15th Sep 2014, 19:54
Hey, Treadi,
That sounds like what I'd call the perfect day.
Would've loved to have joined you.

16th Sep 2014, 08:52
Something no-one seems to have mentioned is that we really ought to reciprocate next year and take PA474 over to Canada.

That would be fantastic. There are so many Canadians who have connections to UK and Bomber Command.

Anyone think why not ??


16th Sep 2014, 09:04
Will it get permission to fly through 'Scottish Airspace'. :)

16th Sep 2014, 10:36
Anyone think why not ??

Isn't PA474 being grounded for a year or so after this season while ARCO give her a major overhaul?

Stan, we would have enjoyed yer company, mate!

24th Sep 2014, 12:38
Has the Canadian Lancaster set off back to Canada yet???

24th Sep 2014, 13:01
Started back yesterday and night-stopped at Reykjavik I believe.

Fantastic effort by the CWH - thank you so much for coming!

There's a rumour on Flypast that the CAF B-29 will make the trip next year - well, we've heard that one before, but would that it'd be true...

24th Sep 2014, 14:34
Treadi - if that is true I think I will go and stake out a place at Duxford now!

24th Sep 2014, 15:16
Sadly I exepct it is merely unfounded rumour but, then again, their B-24 (or C-87 if you prefer) DID make it across the Pond back in 1990 or so...

I guess with determination, sufficient sponsorship and a set of dependable R3350s, there is no reason why not.

24th Sep 2014, 15:32
the lanc callsign heritage 1 is again stopping tonight at KEF due TAF wx

atm sunday is the best forecast

24th Sep 2014, 18:10
The CAF seem to have the 3350 reliability problems sorted with the Wright 'hybrid' engines, so here's hoping.

24th Sep 2014, 19:21
Very pleased to hear that Stan!

Just been back to look at the Flypast thread again, it's a plan rather than "next year" - but regardless of when, if it were possible then hurrah!

Gannet Driver
26th Sep 2014, 15:15
Att. link gives up-to-date report on journey and some idea of enthusiasm for Vera


28th Sep 2014, 18:41
Back on terra firma safe and sound in Hamilton.

Very pleased to say I got to peak see both performing over Ladybower last weekend, despite the entire Peak District being gridlocked because of it!



India Four Two
21st Jan 2015, 23:23

joy ride
22nd Jan 2015, 07:23
Saw that trailer on JB, waiting eagerly for summer!

22nd Jan 2015, 07:29
Lot of dust in the air, and that's only the trailer..............

28th Dec 2015, 08:32
Had the DVD "Reunion of Giants" given to me as a Christmas present. In the UK it has been a problem finding a copy. A quick search on the Internet and you will find that the Linconshire Aviation Heritage Centre will be supply you with a copy.

It is well worth the money, as it is a great documentary about getting the Lancaster over to the UK.

I just hope that someone will put it onto the TV at some point, after doing a deal with The Canadian Warplane Heritage, so that they can keep their plane’s in the air.

30th Dec 2018, 13:44
Hi folks,

Just found "Lancaster: Reunion of Giants" being shown 3 times today, 30/12/18, on PBS America (Freeview channel 94). First run's finished, next on at 1535-1720 and again at 2355-0200.