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15th Aug 2014, 23:00
Just watched it for more times than I care to remember. Has anyone knowledge of the Vulcan used and the special effects used ?

16th Aug 2014, 18:41
No, but we had The Liquidator on TCM this week. The only time that I know of a Valiant being in a commercial movie.

16th Aug 2014, 18:53
And the Victor was a futuristic passenger plane in the film The Iron Maiden, so all three V bombers made it to the big screen.

16th Aug 2014, 19:33
From the Internet:

For the filming of Thunderball two Vulcans were used for the ground and flying sequences and as well as scale model work a full size mock-up of a Vulcan was built in the Bahamas and submerged in the water.

The remains of the Vulcan are in poor condition owing to the fact that they were destroyed by explosives following filming to prevent them appearing in other films. After nearly half a century in the water what remains is barely recognisable, but can still be reached using a local dive centre.

I don't know whether or not the large scale models used in the film have survived.

16th Aug 2014, 19:36
the Vulcan used and the special effects used

Saw one of the big models of the Vulcan used in "Thunderball" sitting high up on a rack in the Denham Studios props department c.1980. Up close it was surprisingly rough.
In those days with the right contacts,a bottle of Scotch and a 3-tonner you could "borrow" items out of the department for Summer Balls etc...

Two great interests enjoyed by self and H. Senior with "The Iron Maiden" :lots of film around "Fred's Sheds", plus Traction engines!

16th Aug 2014, 21:32
two Vulcans were used for the ground and flying sequences

The two Vulcans were XA913 (ground) and XH506 (flying scenes).

16th Aug 2014, 22:16
Some good pics and story here...

Rare Photographs of Avro Vulcan Mock-up from Thunderball | Urban Ghosts (http://www.urbanghostsmedia.com/2012/06/rare-photographs-avro-vulcan-bomber-mock-up-thunderball-bond/)


17th Aug 2014, 09:21
Interesting link Noyade. I recall seeing a model Vulcan at the back of a hangar at Redhiil in around 1972, it had a wingspan of about 8-10 feet and i was told it was the ditching model from Thunderball.

Dr Jekyll
17th Aug 2014, 10:33
Sorry to be so vague, but I did see some large scale model Vulcans reportedly from the film in a hangar (Aces High?) at North Weald in I think the early 90's.