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9th Aug 2014, 15:21
I live in the southern Vendee, not far from Fontenay le Comte, home of the three-quarter scale Mosquito. Just had two aircraft fly over about 2000 ft up heading N to S, both sounded fairly powerful, one could have been a Dewoitine 520 fighter. Other from a distance looked like it had a fixed undercarriage. I know it is a long shot but wondered if anyone else saw them and can give a better identification

Cheers W

9th Aug 2014, 17:17
As far as I know there are no D520s still flying - one was rebuilt around 1980 but sadly crashed at a display killing a French test pilot.

How about the Caudron C714 replica?


9th Aug 2014, 17:36
Treadi, thanks, could be, I was just too far away to see clearly, when I was attracted by the sound of an engine that definitely was not a Rotax mor a Continental!

10th Aug 2014, 07:44
It could also have been the Morane D-3801 'J-143'. That is still flying as far as I know.

10th Aug 2014, 08:17
More likely to have been the Morane - does it have a "stable mate"?

10th Aug 2014, 11:39
Not a flying historic French a/c, but are there any Leduc ramjets preserved in France?

I was stationed at Istres with the RAF Liaison Party in 1957-8 and saw the last one fly a few times.

10th Aug 2014, 17:45
Thee is a Nord Noralpha based at Niort and the WW2 vintage version built under German control. Certainly makes a very different noise and fairly active in visiting fly-ins etc

10th Aug 2014, 19:51
I think I saw a Leduc ramjet at the Musee de l'air at Le Bourget. It's been a while since I've been there though.

10th Aug 2014, 19:52
Ian, two Leducs at Le Bourget museum. Worth a visit!

11th Aug 2014, 07:13

Worth a visit!

Thanks, I'd love to; but look at my location!

Besides, as I saw it fly, I must be one of the few left that can do a Max Boyce and say, "I was there!":ok:

fauteuil volant
7th Sep 2014, 20:38
There are two Noralphas at Niort but I think that only one of them is flying at present. There's also a MS.317 there and another at la Rochelle. Could a MS.317 fit the bill for your 'fixed undercarriage' aeroplane, WanderOO?

7th Sep 2014, 23:28
Thanks for the ideas - I am familiar with the historic fleet at Niort as I used to glide there. Looked more like a low wing, fixed u/c. I will just have to keep my eyes and ears open. Duxford a week today so that will be good.