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2nd Aug 2014, 12:07
I'm in the process of gathering information on this little known pioneer.
40 some years ago I obtained a set of plans to the Baby Monoplane And a buddy and myself built and "flew" it. There seems to be some info scanned plans and a photo or two concerning the baby white. However, other than an ad for plans and kits, I can't find anything concerning the 1919 Sport Tractor, or much about Mr. White himself.
Does anyone know of any White aircraft that were built? and by whom? Are there and known photos of his planes other than the baby? Does anyone know anything about George White?
Any help will be appreciated...

5th Aug 2014, 20:45
I take it this is the one you mean ?



Flight International for 13 May 1920 states that it uses an 18HP Indian motorcycle engine.

The Baby Canard looks interesting, what were its flying characteristics?



Either might qualify as an SSDR (Single Seat Deregulated Microlight/Ultralight in the UK) and are just begging for a Briggs & Stratton V twin.

Plans for the Baby Canard can be seen here: http://www.theplanpage.com/things/wm/wm3v.pdf

6th Aug 2014, 07:16
Yes That's the one, I've seen that ad before and looking at it carefully I'm not sure if that's a photo or a drawing. I lean towards drawing.
I've also seem the photos of the baby white. They appeared in an article in air age in 1917 I believe.
That's also the one we built and bounced off the ground a bit back in the early '70s.
And those plans are the same plans we used to build ours.
I would like to find more information about the 1919 scout, like some actual photos of it. also more info. about White himself, but he was a little known pioneer and was only in aviation a couple years so I'm afraid I won't find out much.
I know of several period baby whites that were started, most were never finished. And I know of three modern whites including mine.
I'm also aware of three more of white's projects, the scout monoplane, a glider, and the trans-pacific flyer.
I'm not sure if any of these were actually built, or how far along he got with any of them.