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Flatus Veteranus
25th May 2002, 20:22
Anyone old enough to be a "40s/50s" big-band buff will remember that the Squadronaires (the RAF Dance Orchestra) was the only British band that could rival the famous American swing bands of that era. Their weekly concerts on the BBC were a "must listen" item when I returned from NZ in '46. They folded up, as did most of the other bands, when big-band music was displaced by the caterwauling known as "pop" in the '60s.

I was delighted to discover that the "Squads" have been reformed with serving RAF bandsmen. A CD is available with 17 tracks including many old favourites. They seem to have lost nothing of their famed virtuosity, precision and smoothness.
I keep it in the car and I shed 50 years (and my old Saab sheds 10) when I listen to it.

Available from the RAF Benevolent Fund Enterprises Customer Services Dept, PO Box 1940, Fairford, Glos GL7 4NA (Tel +44 (0) 1285 713456) Product Code TRD200209/CD. 12.95 + 3.95 delivery charge.

:) :) :)