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20th Jul 2014, 18:37
James Garner died Saturday in LA aged 86.

Great actor, Maverick, The Great Escape and The Rockford Files to name a few.


20th Jul 2014, 18:42
That's sad.
Great looking bloke.
Who didn't like 'The Rockford files' ?

Our presence here is temporary. :)

20th Jul 2014, 19:33
He was from the small town where I went to college, Norman, Oklahoma. I was shopping in a local men's clothing store on Campus Corner one day in the early 70's.

I saw him checking out some high-end shoes (the store was Harold's, Con) and butted in on his day to say how I enjoyed his work and was thrilled to see him in person. He flashed that winning smile and told me he was glad I liked his work. He also said he hoped I'd like the new TV series he was working on, Rockford files.

20th Jul 2014, 19:36
Always enjoyed the Rockford files and other films etc he was in.

Ascend Charlie
20th Jul 2014, 19:41
Rockford was the first "realistic" show I saw - when Jim punched somebody, the victim stayed punched, and Jim grabbed his hand and said "##@$ that hurt!!":ok:

tony draper
20th Jul 2014, 19:47
For my generation he will always be Bret Maverick,it was a different style of western among all the other westerns that held sway on the telly in those days.:)

West Coast
20th Jul 2014, 19:54
I missed most of his career with the exception of the Rockford files on reruns. Enjoyed his on camera work, not much for his politics however.

20th Jul 2014, 19:55
Brought the first series of Rockford Files on DVD to see if they are as good as I remembered. They are and I acquired the rest.

Great actor. Support Your Local Sheriff!

Lon More
20th Jul 2014, 20:08
In "Grand Prix" on BBC tv this evening before the German Grand Prix


Windy Militant
20th Jul 2014, 20:09
Bugger First Captain Scarlet now Troy Tempest*! :(

Always watched the Rockford files when I was a youngster.

*Gerry Anderson Modelled Troy Tempest on James Garner.

20th Jul 2014, 20:19
When I saw this at 6am today I felt genuinely sad for a while and The Rockford Files came to mind. I was just about to start a thread, but then remembered the new edict and decided against it. Obviously Wholigan has decided to soften his approach on account of being a doppelgänger for Mr Garner ;)

RIP Jim Rockford


20th Jul 2014, 20:53
(the store was Harold's, Con)

My wife knew it very well, me, not so much. (She had lots of money at OU, me, not so much.)

James Garner is a sad loss, one of the last great actors of my time. An Oklahoma boy done good for himself. There was not a movie or TV series he was in that I didn't really enjoy.

Probably have a glass of Scotch in his honor tonight.

20th Jul 2014, 20:59
The Wheeler Dealers was great too and had the added benefit of Lee Remick, if memory serves.

20th Jul 2014, 22:10
Lovely smashing actor - good looking too.
One of the great film quiz tripper-up questions is, "who starred with Doris Day in Move over Darling"?
Nine out of ten will say Rock Hudson when it was actually James Garner.

20th Jul 2014, 22:22
One of his later movies, 'The Notebook', is well worth watching. He plays the part of a volunteer who comes to read to a woman in an old peoples' home. Both excellent and confronting.

20th Jul 2014, 22:29
Yeah, Brett Maverick and Jim Rockford were great character portrayals.

More than that, he seemed like a genuine guy based upon the few times I saw him around the old Saugus Speedway for the stock car races on Saturday night. He definitely was a racing enthusiast and car guy. Like fellow motorsport enthusiasts and actors Paul Newman and Steve McQueen before him, Garner will be remembered with fondness by many.

So long...

21st Jul 2014, 02:24
Don't forget that comedy classic Support Your Local Sheriff.

Good stuff!! :D

Great actor. :(

21st Jul 2014, 07:33
Don't forget Space Cowboys either; the last movie I saw him in. Respect.

21st Jul 2014, 08:21
He always seemed to be such a genuine and nice bloke, definitely one of Hollywood's "good guys". Obviously Space Cowboys and TV's easy-going Jim Rockford come to mind, but a personal favourite "big screen" movie was My Fellow Americans with, amongst others, Jack Lemmon and Lauren Bacall.
Very sad to see you go, Jim.

21st Jul 2014, 10:00
Saw quite a bit of him in the later series of the sitcom "8 simple rules" as the father of Katy Segal and grandfather of Kaley Cuoco. Might have been hobbling round on a stick but the acid tongue and delivery was still there. Then there was the little known 80's film where he was in the US army and owned his own sherman tank, funnily enough called "Tank".

Always seemed a genuine guy, the sort of bloke you wanted to win regardless. And nice to see an actor who doesn't a bad reputation or a shady personal life!

He will be missed, he leaves us the sort of films that will brighten dull sunday afternoons for many years to come....

21st Jul 2014, 18:38
I was a big fan of James Garner - in addition to Rockford, I particularly enjoyed "Support Your Local Sheriff" and "Support Your Local Gunfighter". But what I'll always remember is "Grand Prix", and that not only did he do his own driving, but he became a pretty decent race driver after he got the bug while filming (note that Yves Montand - who played Jean-Pierre Sarti - became so terrified in the race scenes that they ended up having to pull him around behind the camera car).

RIP James, you will be missed.

Orion Man
21st Jul 2014, 21:15
Used to enjoy The Rockford Files. Wasn't aware he was still alive. R.I.P.


Orion Man