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17th Jul 2014, 22:45
In light of tonight's tragic MH17 incident, I recall an incident along the following lines:

Late 80s or early 90s
Mid-west USA, possibly in the state of Wisconsin
Possibly Air Wisconsin
BAe 146
Aircraft shot down with gunfire shortly after take off.

I cannot find any reference to this on the usual channels. My recollection is that it was some form of revenge attack, but that it came from just outside the airport compound, not from onboard.

However, the closest reference I have found is to Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771. This was clearly an incident from within the aircraft.

Have there been cases where gun shot from the ground can bring an aircraft down at very close range, or is this simply not possible, even with the most powerful machine guns? I would presume it would be easier to strike an a/c on approach, especially somewhere with a very tight fence, but that such a strike would be far more deadly during climb.

I'm thinking in terms of gun attack here, not missile as per DHL Baghdad.

I'm only going from my recollection of news reports at the time, hence why this might have been Flight 1771, unless anyone has any further suggestions?

17th Jul 2014, 22:55
Aviation Safety Network > ASN Aviation Safety Database > Type index > ASN Aviation Safety Database results (http://aviation-safety.net/database/types/British-Aerospace-BAe-146/database)

17th Jul 2014, 23:26
Thanks -

Only incident they have which is close is 1771, as per above. I'm just guessing my memory of the news reports has served me wrong!

A recently discharged USAir employee boarded the flight after bypassing security. He carried a borrowed 44 caliber pistol. His former supervisor was on board the flight.
At 16:13, the pilot reported to Oakland ARTCC that he had an emergency and that gunshots had been fired in the airplane. Within 25 seconds, Oakland CTR controllers observed that PSA1771 had begun a rapid descent from which it did not recover. Witnesses on the ground said the airplane was intact and there was no evidence of fire before the airplane struck the ground in a steep nose-down attitude. The cvr tape revealed the sounds of a scuffle and several shots which were apparently fired in or near the cockpit. The pistol was found in the wreckage with 6 expended rounds. FAA rules permitted airline employees to bypass security checkpoints.