View Full Version : Worthwhile Video about amazing early 747 accident

15th Jul 2014, 01:42
San Francisco. Something really to watch, esp the end with actual video of the landing from two angles.

747 took off with wrong perf data, apch lights ripped bottom to shreds plane flew, dumped fuel and landed. all in 1971.


15th Jul 2014, 05:59
This film was always shown at BOAC SEP refresher checks back in the 70's.

India Four Two
16th Jul 2014, 06:09
To me, the amazing thing about this accident was that they got back in one piece. What a good job Boeing designed the 747 with four hydraulic systems!

16th Jul 2014, 22:59
What an amazing incident.

17th Jul 2014, 00:37
THIS is a very interesting incident/accident.

They had to continue the takeoff, or else they would go into the bay of San Francisco.

They made a return decision and dumped some fuel, but this puts the plane in an aft c/g situation.

Hard to flare as the elevators were less effective. (with much retrospect,I would have assisted the flare with a burst of thrust.

Evacuation compromised by wind on the slides etc.

Like I said, I had met the captain on a tour of the plane about two years before (not sure of date).

We spend so much time learning how to handle an engine out on takeoff, or in a holding pattern. NON standard flying should be taught in unique ways in the sim.

The plane rocking back and forth and hitting its tail is amazing.