View Full Version : RAF Spilsby Lincolnshire WW2 - Lancaster Climb Out RW 270

13th Jul 2014, 06:17
I remember as a young lad in the 1950's that the village of Halton Holegate which is approx 1.5 miles due west of RAF Spilsby was subjected to significant landscape pruning in the area around the village church.
The trees that were growing in the "Holegate" and around the the church yard were deemed to be of a height that would conflict with the fully laden Lancasters climbing out on route to Berlin.
All of the 100+ plus trees had were heavily pruned back in height to allow the aircraft to safely climb out - can any one add any more detail to this ?

19th Jul 2014, 20:33
WHAT were they doing flying heavily laden to Berlin in the 1950's?

Seriously though, wouldn't the Church Spire or Steeple have been more of an obstruction if it was that close?

20th Jul 2014, 10:54
My error, it should have read 1944/45 for the heavily laden outbound aircraft..

As you mentioned the church steeple was probably more of a safety concern hence the question if any one had any further information.