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9th Jul 2014, 18:53
I've recently seen a bi-plane over the east of Sheffield, never been close enough to identify, and also don't know home base. Anyone can help?

9th Jul 2014, 20:48
There's a company based at Netherthorpe (near Sheffield) who operate a Tiger Moth and do flights on a fairly regular basis over the 'Dams' -Derwent,Ladybower etc. as a commercial enterprise.
Google is your friend, of course

Sir George Cayley
9th Jul 2014, 21:25
I've recently seen a twin engined airliner near Gatwick.............

Too eeeeeeaasyyyyy!


9th Jul 2014, 22:20
I've recently seen a twin engined airliner near Gatwick.............Perhaps you both saw the same aircraft.



10th Jul 2014, 09:35
It's a Tiger Moth - it bumbles over Sheffield almost on a daily basis these days. Reason seems to be that the operator (at Netherthorpe) does pleasure flights over the Derwent Dams, so the route takes the Moth over Sheffield.

Makes a welcome change from the usual aviation diet over Sheffield which comprises of... nothing :)

10th Jul 2014, 18:49
Yes, I agree there are many twin engined aircraft near Gatwick, also flying over my region, BUT not many bi-planes.

So cut the clever comments, they please no-one.:=

Thank you to the replies that have enabled me to find out what the aircraft was. Much appreciated.

16th Jul 2014, 16:54
So cut the clever comments, they please no-one

You should realise by now that these forums have a doseage of twits and wits spouting plenty of banter and cantor......

I would love to see your moth over Jakarta but alas.....


16th Jul 2014, 17:38
Cut the clever comments

Ooh, bad call, that's fanning the flames that is. This thread will ave a thousand clever comments by the end of the week, mark my words....

I'll start...

16th Jul 2014, 17:48
I believe the word is biplane - no hyphen. We get a few round here (near Reading) ranging from Tiger Moths to Stearmans and even the AN-2. Always great to see them.

19th Jul 2014, 04:29
The "Cut the clever comments" chip-on-shoulder comment is probably because he couldn't see (and therefore "cop") the a/c reg.
Don't be hard on him..................It's really important.
P.S.The "clever comments" pleased me!!

19th Jul 2014, 09:10
The Tiger Moth is still active. Saw it again yesterday on the same route over Sheffield. I spoke to someone who insists that sometimes it's an all-yellow Moth, but I think he's mistaken - it always seems to be the same one with yellow undersides and camouflaged fuselage/top surfaces.

19th Jul 2014, 17:12
"So cut the clever comments, they please no-one"

Oh, I don't know, I got a chuckle.

My, my, we are testy, aren't we?
Don't worry dear. Mummy will be up to tuck you into bed shortly!

21st Jul 2014, 20:00
"Mummy" died a long time ago. Get a life, I only asked a sensible question. If this is the type of moronic reply then this forum is a joke.

Yes, I get seriously p@@@ed with know it all people who attack for no valid reason.

Stanwell , you are the sort of sicko who closes these kind of helpful forums down. Go play on a runway somewhere.

Admin, feel free to ban me, but with morons like this you won't have a forum to admin.....

I will no longer ask questions on here as the morons rule the roost. I will go on and find a more amateur friendly forum.

As an aviation enthusiast of 34 years , no, I am not a young kid, I fail to understand the sarcasm and pure vitriol of some people here.

Rant over!

22nd Jul 2014, 07:41
It's good to hear of Tigers still being able to commercially provide the 'experience'.
We have about a hundred currently airworthy DH82As here in OZ, of which a number regularly fly commercial 'Joy Flights'. An aerobatic experience can be an 'optional extra'.

We did, though, have a tragic accident in Queensland last December. While performing a limited aerobatic routine, a Joy Flight Tiger suffered an in-flight failure of the lateral fuselage tie-rods, resulting in a collapse of the port wings and two fatalities.

The tie-rods, even though they had an 'Australian Parts Manufacturing Authority', failed due to undetected fatigue issues.
As a consequence, the UK CAA issued an Emergency AD - (G2014-0001-E).
This has been widely promulgated and so, hopefully, we'll have these delightful aircraft gracing our skies for a long time to come.

p.s. Re our "Petulant Poster", have a look at his post (#4 of 27.1.13 on Spotters Corner - BA132 squawks 7700).
Brings to mind that saying - "People in glass houses...."

Noah Zark.
22nd Jul 2014, 09:01
The Tiger Moth is still active. Saw it again yesterday on the same route over Sheffield. I spoke to someone who insists that sometimes it's an all-yellow Moth, but I think he's mistaken - it always seems to be the same one with yellow undersides and camouflaged fuselage/top surfaces

The camouflaged machine flies from Netherthorpe, and the yellow one flies from Darley Moor near Ashbourne.
Both operated by the same outfit, father (Netherthorpe) & son (Darley).

22nd Jul 2014, 15:16
"I will go on and find a more amateur friendly forum"


22nd Jul 2014, 16:06
Come back J - all is forgiven!!

22nd Jul 2014, 17:27
If you knew who the reference was to, it was a known provocative person.

Anyway, I don't need to defend myself, this forum is getting a big reputation for it's pathetic, unwarranted attacks on aviation enthusiasts. It is called spotters corner for a reason, hence why I stay in this area most of the time unless I have further information.

I see many of the morons don't actually fly, or work in the industry, maybe that is why they have such a chip on their shoulder. I bow to your superior knowledge.

I will continue to watch, read and learn from this forum, but I don't really think it's worthwhile for me to ask a serious and/or sensible question here as too many are here to shoot you down.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have replied to my questions and given me very interesting and accurate answers, to the morons, get a life.

Sits back and waits for the morons to conclude their attack......meanwhile I just continue, learn, listen, read and get on with my life.

If pprune wants to continue, spotters corner should be just that, not just to p&@s curious people off.

22nd Jul 2014, 19:15
I'm starting to wonder just what is causing your confusion etcetera, mate.
FYI, this is 'Aviation History and Nostalgia'.
Spotters Corner is across the road.

Always glad to help.

22nd Jul 2014, 21:29
Always glad to s&@t on people more like.

Ok, so I made a clerical error, and this was in the above section, I won't write it in case I make a spelling error, which of course I will be chastised.

It's a biplane (not bi-plane as I was told), so obviously (or not - I suppose somewhere someone is producing a new biplane) it was in my eyes to be put in aviation history , not forgetting nostalgia.....

I asked a simple question?

A simple, but actually nice response would have sufficed, but evidently not on this forum....

I've been looking for a road in this forum but can't find it, even put it into search with no result. ;-)

Maybe wrong forum for sense?

I believe there was a tv program/me in the UK, whereby the main character said something then followed it by the phrase "my arse", so friendly forum ditto.

Cheers admin.........

23rd Jul 2014, 09:55
Your post #13 said (amongst other inane comments) that "I will no longer ask questions on here as the morons rule the roost. I will go on and find a more amateur friendly forum".
I thought you were going...........(I even took the trouble to say byeeeeeeeee!)
Now kindly be a good Chap of Your Word, stop dripping on here, and go away back to Spotter's Corner, or wherever else you should hang around.
You are not achieving anything more by playing "Vitriol Tennis" with our members, we are here because we have an interest/passion for Aviation History and Nostalgia, not to have to endure your insecure ramblings.

23rd Jul 2014, 17:27
Goodness me! Was that painful or what?

One sick puppy.

23rd Jul 2014, 17:51
Not over yet Stanwell, I see you only joined last month and already show signs of OCD trolling! You went back 18 months to find something to attack me with. If that's not sad, I really don't know what is.......

PS: before anymore vitriol from people who purport to have an interest or passion for aviation but only give out abuse not advice, I have contacted admin.

Don't worry, final word..... Byeeeeeee! (Sic) Cambioso , another Alleged forum advisor.....

23rd Jul 2014, 20:29
There are some truly silly and childish people on Pprune. Another perfectly sensible thread ruined by idiots :(

Phileas Fogg
24th Jul 2014, 11:27
People ... If I may step in as "peacemaker" here,

I know "Cymmon" personally, he admits himself that he is a "spotter" but he just happens to be a spotter that flies business class and regularly more than once a year and often long haul.

Should his question have been posted in "Nostalgia" or "Spotters"? ... Well I'd suggest it should have been posted in "Spotters" but that's something of a grey area as biplanes are also "Nostalgia".

Now if his attackers, one or more that might have joined only a month or similar ago, then it sounds to me like there are spotters attacking spotters in "Nostalgia" rather than "Spotters" so it might be said that you're all as bad as each other.

On the other hand, if one is an aviation professional then "Cymmon" is likely to be contributing more to your salary than one's average "bucket & spader" so I'd suggest that one should be ashamed of oneself attacking one's clientele whilst hiding behind a keyboard or keypad!

24th Jul 2014, 13:46
How lamentable that some folk find more satisfaction in attacking someone asking a legitimate question, rather than answering it, or saying nothing if they have nothing positive to contribute.

Some probably log in using a new alternative username when doing so, which would explain why someone has a ready recollection of posts made months before they supposedly registered.

For the OP, Cymmon - both Tiger Moths mentioned use Netherthorpe airfield, albeit the all yellow one far less frequently than the camouflaged example.

1st Aug 2014, 21:13
Bin and dun it, Tiger flight as birthday present. They go out of their way to operate as close to a early WW2 grass strip operation as current regs allow. Wowser ride almost the full Biggles experience. Go do it. It took a full week for the grin to fade.

5th May 2015, 18:24
Sorry to have to correct you but BOTH aircraft mentioned do not operate as joy-riders from Netherthorpe.... my yellow one (the less frequently seen one) is a private visitor to the airfield almost every summer since 1990 and is to be seen over Sheffield and even over the Derwent Dam on occasion.:8

8th May 2015, 00:37
Not bad. Only 9 months after the last post on here!

Noah Zark.
16th May 2015, 20:10
Latest, on Saturday, 16th.May, is that Blueye are no longer operating from Netherthorpe. (Great pity!)