View Full Version : Oh! The joys of online shopping - The internet part 1.

5th Jul 2014, 20:48
Super engineer works for us, nice chap, good at his job etc - found a scorcher of a purchase on "the word after `chewing` and what leaves grow on thought he would pay through safe old Pay-^^^(-another word for friend) - bike did not arrive - PayFriend lost the money due to our guy being told by whom? - that if you click on "gist" it transfers through straight away.

Unfortunately for lil old online buying place - their heart is in the right place but the set up is a breeding ground for scammers - it is so easy to find a loophole whereby innocent shoppers are quickly ripped off.

Its funny that apart from the odd warning to be careful etc - nothing much is done to shore up the defences

5th Jul 2014, 20:52
Sorry to hear about your friends saga. Question

"PayPal lost the money due to our guy being told by whom? - that if you click on "gist" it transfers through straight away."

Have never heard of it.

And "transfers through straight away" meaning ??? To the other persons paypal or from there to his bank account ?

5th Jul 2014, 21:26
safe old PayPal

Not in my experience, or thousands of others!

Met with total indifference and arrogance after they had given away over 200 of my money in defiance of instructions.

5th Jul 2014, 21:27
Sounds like some Newbie was told by the seller to click on "GIFT" for the payment, in order to transfer the money from the paypal account before he had received the goods.

Why it would not ring alarm bells - "Why do you need the cash now?" I have no idea.

A fool and their money ... etc etc.

Gertrude the Wombat
5th Jul 2014, 22:00
safe old PayPal
What a strange thing to say.

There are so many horror stories about PayPal that I won't touch it with a barge pole. Payment by credit card thank you very much, that way I can reclaim from the card company if scammed.

5th Jul 2014, 23:35
Sorry, meant if you click on "gift" then there is no need for a PoD - apparently . . ?

5th Jul 2014, 23:37
I was being sarcastic.

5th Jul 2014, 23:40
I didn't know PayPal had a pay on delivery system.

I thought you just sent the other person money.

Then again, I don't use PayPal much for obvious reasons.

5th Jul 2014, 23:48
well, apparently, you have an account with them then when you make a purchase - you instruct them to hold the wonga until you have received your . . goods. Also, it seems, you have 5 days to back out of the deal after which time the money goes though automatically or there be dispute . . .

this is what I understand it to be anyway, they hold your money until you have your hands on the property and then they release the money to the seller.

Unless you click on its a "gift" then the seller gets the money - as a gift.
unfortunately, it does not seem to incorporate - "gift" pending receipt" which is a bugger.

6th Jul 2014, 01:17
It's deeper than that. Gift does not carry a fee to the receiver, only a minimal one to the seller. A purchase carries a percentage fee to the seller. But the best part, for the scammer, is when yiu mark it "gift" you have no recourse with PayPal when you don't receive the merchandise since you never expected any to start with.

You'd have to be pretty unsavvy in this day and age of internet scammers, not to see this one.

6th Jul 2014, 02:44
I have somewhat sub-consciously developed the habit of not using PayPal or any online banking services and not keeping any financial information/codes on my puter.

Just too many potholes in the various systems.

6th Jul 2014, 21:24
Have to say we don't use Pay*** quite as much as we used to but not for any particular reason, just most of our on line purchases have we have been able to use credit cards directly.

Our expereince with the payment giant has actually been very good but it is absolutely vital you stick with the rules and dates they set out.

Really the only major purchase we had problems with was a Nav. System direct from China. We went through the process of emailing the vendor who promised help but then didn't bother and we registered a complaint with PP before last due date with copies emails etc. Money returned without further argument.

Big companies with complicated systems are always going to have scammers using them. Even the banks, who have been handling money for a hundred years get scammed. I think if you want to use PP a lot you need to understand it very thoroughly and stick to the rules and dates. I probably wouldn't use it for an amount I wasn't prepared to lose but so far we haven't lost anything.

Sure there are lots of people losing either from scammers or just bad deals etc out there but compared to the gazillions of transactions a day it is probably not all that high a proportion.

Loose rivets
7th Jul 2014, 00:29
My endeavors with restoring watches became frenetic prior to selling up in the States. I purchased every vintage Seiko Chronograph I could lay my hands on and almost without exception, paid with cyber-pal. In many cases, usually with typical e-thingie 'Estate' dealers, there was no other choice. It worked quite well, and on two occasions when the goods were not as described, the correction procedure worked like well oiled clockwork.

The worst issue was with a major store selling a vastly discounted more modern version of the chronographs. They quite simply sent me an identical one with chipped crystal and bezel. Fortunately they are all serial numbered so had no option but to refund. Funny how a small trader was incredibly sorry, but the huge jeweler's chain reacted with sullen silence.