View Full Version : Canberra and Hunter over Banbury today

3rd Jul 2014, 16:30
Around 3.15 today saw Canberra flying in close formation with a Hunter at low level, maybe around 1000 ft? Absolutely gorgeous.
Arrived from SW direction and turned N towards Coventry so I am assuming Classic Airforce aircraft?

Genghis the Engineer
3rd Jul 2014, 18:11
C2 aviation at Kemble.

Beautiful aren't they!


7th Jul 2014, 09:19
Mid Air Squadron? Mid Air Squadron - Home (http://www.midair-squadron.com/)

7th Jul 2014, 12:33
The Canberra arrived at Farnborough this morning for the Air Show preparations.

7th Jul 2014, 15:17
There you go - Farnborough, Canberra, MRCA...............................

Genghis the Engineer
7th Jul 2014, 15:58
Mid Air Squadron? Mid Air Squadron - Home (http://www.midair-squadron.com/)

Same people as C2. Good competent bunch doing something very worthwhile, in my opinion.


7th Jul 2014, 17:47
They did the same at the Waddo airshow. Was one of the best sights at the show IMO. The Hunter is currently parked on our pan (three of them actually) and is in excellent nick.

8th Jul 2014, 07:12
Is the Canberra the only airworthy example around, as they claim in their website blurb?

8th Jul 2014, 07:45
Is the Canberra the only airworthy example around, as they claim in their website blurb?Yes, they aren't telling lies. :O

NASA still fly a handful of WB-57s, but to call those Canberras is a bit of a stretch: WB-57 Home (http://jsc-aircraft-ops.jsc.nasa.gov/wb57/)

Old Speckled Aircrew
8th Jul 2014, 08:11
Yes, their claim is "Canberra XH134 is the only air-worthy Canberra of its type in the world" and the emphasis is on the word type (PR9)

8th Jul 2014, 08:17
Also have the B2/6, WK163, the Spectre rocket motor Canberra under rebuild, hopefully to fly, with Classic AirForce

11th Jul 2014, 17:31
I flew 163 at RAE Bedford. We had a lot of Canberra airframes of various kinds that had been much modified over the years. Some were only half the serial with added cockpits or fudelage bits, sometimes new wings. All done at the transport joint. The PR9 XH132, was as built having no transport joint. In my time 163 was pretty much back in orriginal speck with some research kit added on, no rockets or signs of them