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29th Jun 2014, 15:25
Lets say I was home in Scotland for an indefinite period, and lets say I was daft enough to drop my iPhone & the screen shattered, meaning it was held together with sellotape, whereabouts near Stirling or Edinburgh, would anyone recommend that I go to have a new screen installed?


Thanks :)

29th Jun 2014, 15:27
Apple Store?

29th Jun 2014, 15:34
don't be stupid that will cost a fortune. They will wipe the phone and it will take weeks.

personally I would do it myself.

But any of the mobile phone repair shops will do it for you while you wait.

On flea bay you can get kits including all the tools for 15 quid.

Its really not difficult.

29th Jun 2014, 15:38
Heres a link,

iPhone Repairs | iPhone Repairs Service | Cheap iPhone Repairs (http://www.iphonefixuk.co.uk/iphone-repairs-127-c.asp?gclid=CNC8uLO0n78CFScYwwodw0gAbQ)

unstable load
29th Jun 2014, 15:39
There are tutorials on yootoob for you.

29th Jun 2014, 15:39
Many Timpson branches do these repairs.....

Timpson (http://www.timpson.co.uk/services/415/mobile-phone-repairs)

29th Jun 2014, 17:58
iPhone 3 is dead easy. I've done screens, home button and digitisers.

iPhone 4 is a bastardo. Complete strip down, then build entire phone into new screen, not so easy and will likely need magnification, but I did it and it worked.

iPhone 5, no idea.....yet.


29th Jun 2014, 18:15
What about the charger socket on an iPod (the iPhone 4 type). Looks a bit of a be-atch to do too ?

29th Jun 2014, 19:33
If you do a new screen for a 4, you have every single bit on the bench once you've stripped it- including the charge socket.

Main problem is not mixing up the dozens of unique screws. Believe you can buy a 'screw map', which must help.

29th Jun 2014, 19:37
Sounds like an insurance job to me.
Daughters..my sympathy. Number 2 daughter has lost or destroyed more phones than the rest of the family have owned!!

30th Jun 2014, 06:37
It's a 5, & I've been advised by someone who's done a couple of 4s it's best to have a shop do it, so I've found someone.

Thank y'all for your responses :ok:

Cyber Bob
30th Jun 2014, 11:24
Apple store, Pentagon City Mall in IAD replaced a screen on an i-phone 4 for US$120 all in, which I didn't think was too shabby.
Hope this helps

Gertrude the Wombat
30th Jun 2014, 11:39
iThingies are intended to be disposable. If yours is more than a few weeks old you should have upgraded to the new model already!

30th Jun 2014, 12:21
120 bucks is a bloody rip off.

Takes 20 mins and 15 bucks of parts

Cyber Bob
30th Jun 2014, 12:24
I'll post the next one up to you MJ


30th Jun 2014, 12:40
At 100 for 20 mins work everyone can send them to me.

Give me 2.5 an hour and thats 4000 dollars every 8 hour standby duty.

I can do lappy screens in 30 mins.

dubbleyew eight
30th Jun 2014, 13:40
I have watched a thai chappy in the MBK centre in Bangkok replace smashed iPhone screens in just a few minutes.
dismantles all the screws out in sets on a rubber mat.
puts on a new gorilla glass and then reassembles the iPhone.
never failed to fix an iPhone.

maybe you need a holiday? :E

30th Jun 2014, 13:47
Apple store, Pentagon City Mall in IAD replaced a screen on an i-phone 4 for US$120 all in, which I didn't think was too shabby.
Hope this helps

Cyber Bob,

If I included the flight to IAD from Stirling, that would probably bring the price closer to $2000 for a new screen - kind of puts the $100 dollar hamburger in perspective :p

Got it fixed, Stirling shop took 15 mins :ok:

Cyber Bob
30th Jun 2014, 15:05
Sorry FT, beginners error. Keep forgetting that we all don't fly to the same places. Info could help someone else though - if MJ hasn't taken everyones custom that is!!!

All the best