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23rd May 2002, 14:05
Just a quick one,

When BA were doing their CEP, can anyone give a good explanation as to why they had a hieght restriction?

23rd May 2002, 14:22
Upper limit for which the aircraft is designed. The manufacturers take an cross section of people and I believe it is supposed to fit 90% of people, so the upper and lower 5% are excluded - not company discrimination, but manufacturing constraints. Guess if you have a problem you could request a special measurement to ensure that you aren't too tall in any particular area that could affect performance (ie hips to head). If you are 6'4'', you may just fit.

24th May 2002, 10:21
I'm 5'2", and I've never been able to reach a top shelf magazine in all my life. :(

24th May 2002, 14:29
Lean mean,

Don't worry about it. I'm 6ft 5 and have checked with everyone I can think of about it and no one other than BA imply this restriction.

It's interesting that for DEP at BA the restriction was removed. :confused:

I know of people taller than me that are flying so it's no biggie (no pun intended, honest). Apparently OATs had a guy who was 6ft 7 do thier course.

Cloud Chaser
24th May 2002, 15:05
Not a problem. I'm also 6'4" and after reading the BA literature started to worry about my future. This resulted in me sending letters to every airline I could get an address for (UK only). Out of all the replies BA was the only one with a restriction. Several of the replies from other airlines stated heights of flight crew members as 6'6" and 6'7". So relax, carry on training and work for a company that selects pilots on ability and not uniform size.

Happy Landings:)

24th May 2002, 17:14
Cheers chaps,

not to worried about my height, was just particularly interested as to why BA appear to be the only UK airline with such a limit??

24th May 2002, 18:43
BA probably just use it as a way of filtering out applications of the system. Unfair true, but that's life!

I have been wondering though - on the 757 I have to have the seat as high as it goes to be comfy and achieve the correct line of sight as per Boeing. I'm 5ft 9in - so what do people shorter than me do ? Or do i just have long legs and short upper body ??? I don't think i'm that abnormal as i passed the size fitting for the RAF :-)

Butter side-up
25th May 2002, 13:34
My understanding is that BA apply the limit to their Cadet scheme because previously when times were lean qualified cadets were required to do Cabin Crew duties whilst waiting to take up their flying jobs. It is a Cabin Crew restriction - impossible to walk around the cabin comfortably if taller than 6'3".

DEP are obvioulsy never going to act as Cabin Crew fro BA - so the limit was dropped.

25th May 2002, 16:30
Well sorry chaps, it appears my assumption was wrong - that was what I had always thought though.

26th May 2002, 08:19
Attend your medical/height test at the end of the day rather than the beginning, you may find that you are only 6'3" then - honest !

Alternatively wait 30yrs and you will probably shrink anyway !

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