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24th Jun 2014, 15:47
In an interview with John Simpson, Juan Reinaldo Sanchez tells of what he calls Fidel Castro's "double life," one of austerity in public but extravagance in private.

This is pretty good fun for me and my leetle Canadian frien' as well, but I bet our Havana correspondent will have a major sense of humor failure over this one. Check it out on the BBC News/Latin America website.

24th Jun 2014, 15:54
Much as I detest and despise communism/socialism and all its practitioners, in all its forms, I am sceptical about this report, for several reasons.

First of all much of it would have been made public by his enemies during his presidency, and Castro, unlike may other 'socialism/communist' leaders was genuinely committed to the cause. He may have had a better life than the average Cuban - not difficult - but I doubt if he is guilty of the excesses and abuses of which he is being accused. This does not apply to many others of his ilk, such as the vile and odious murdering Ceaucescu couple.

24th Jun 2014, 17:24
Well, there have been plenty of rumors about Fidel and his millions, but this is the first I have heard from his inner circle, aside from his sister and his daughter both denouncing him.

After all, Fidel is really popular with a lot of people, even if they should perhaps know better. In fact, the more facts that come out about the real Fidel, the more people will want to cling to their "imaginary friend" Fidel, the warm and fuzzy guy with a big, big heart ... of stone, yes, but ....

Just the other day I saw a reproduction of that "Che Guevara, Man of Vision" photograph, as a stencil on a white van at the beach in Cuxhaven, Germany. I suppose the owner is merely a hipster, but it still points to how popular these two Cuban murderers still are. That said, I don't think this latest revelation will really do much to dent Fidel's image. Expecting that would be like telling some neo-Nazi that Hitler was actually antisemitic, and expecting him to change his mind about the man.

These folks are more cultural icons, much in the same way that John Wayne is for many Americans. It's still fun, though, to drop the odd fact into the mix, here from his once-loyal bodyguard as told to John Simpson.

24th Jun 2014, 17:57
It would be difficult to be any sort of leader of a country without benefitting beyond that of a mere member of the public.

Of course a Communist would attempt to follow the mandate that "All men are equal" - though some are undoubtedly more equal than others.

24th Jun 2014, 17:59
I seem to recall that Che was originally from Argentina, though he was helpful in killing a lot of Cubans while giving Fidel a hand. :=

24th Jun 2014, 19:06
The entire island is owned by, governed by, and policed by Castro. What more does a dictator need?

The stories of the decadent parties Fidel gave to that old fool Gabriel García Márquez in Havana are legendary. Márquez, who once said: "the problem with visiting men like Fidel Castro is that one tends to love them too much" chose himself to live in Mexico and (naturally) Paris. No sugar plantations for him, nor for his son, who he sent to school at Harvard.

Old socialists are the worst kind. Old enough to know better, yet too stinking corrupt to change.

24th Jun 2014, 20:20
This guy's brother wants to be the PM of Canada. Steady, lunch. :yuk:

Alexandre Trudeau praises Fidel Castro. (http://pointdebasculecanada.ca/alexandre-trudeau-praises-fidel-castro/)

His intellect is one of the most broad and complete that can be found. He is an expert on genetics, on automobile combustion engines, on stock markets. On everything.
Sounds like he could be interchangeable wit the Li'l Fat Wun.

24th Jun 2014, 20:32
Che - a perfect example of image over fact.

Every teenager had a poster of him on the wall during the 80's.

24th Jun 2014, 20:54
I understood that Fidel had to get Che out of Cuba after the revolution because, like many such people, he was a great rebel but totally hopeless running a government. So he sent to Columbia to do what he did well - break stuff and kill people.
There are also reports that he was so counterproductive to the rebel cause there that it was they who's shopped him to the government forces.

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That would be about right !