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Squawk 2650
23rd May 2002, 11:16
Hi Everyone,
I'm thinking about starting the ATPL exams with Bristol Groundschool very shortly, I was just wondering if anyone could give me any feed back on Bristol. I have heard many good views about the School can anyone else shed any light??
Many thanks and Happy Landings!! :p

The Greaser
23rd May 2002, 11:24
I too have never heard anything but good things. I went there after the demise of PPSC and everything was very very good - notes, instructors, admin staff, value for money etc. Look no further for D/L.

Furthermore, myself and everyone that I have subsequently heard from that were also at Bristol passed 14/14 first time.

Good Luck

23rd May 2002, 11:35
Excellent. Do a search, I doubt you'll find one bad word about it.
Highly recommend it. Service, staff, material, turnaround times, all excellent. And very good value for money, doubt you'll beat it to be honest.

(I'm a student, not employee).

Father Mulcahy
23rd May 2002, 11:36
Half way through module 1 with BGS. Notes are excellent, and feedback on e-mailed practice exams is within 24 hours.

Obviously I can't compare them to other schools as I've only been with Bristol, however I have NO COMPLAINTS whatsoever.

Try a search as this topic comes up ever week or so, I don't recall every reading a bad word about BGS.

anyhow back to General Nav.... :confused:

Best of luck with your exams.

23rd May 2002, 12:15
I'm about 2/3 of the way through Module 1, and also have no complaints at all - the notes are excellent, the response time are superb. As Father Mulcahy says, do a search, this has been discussed before. I'd recommened doing a full-time course over distance learning, but if you have to do distance learning, I don't believe there's anyone better.


23rd May 2002, 12:42
Agree with all the above. Go with BGS for distance learning.

Also, just a point to add. I started with a FTO doing a full time Theory course. I won't say which cos I'm a big coward with all these libel notices etc! but suffice to say its a big place doing lots of things but not the one in the Inspector Morse area! ( Oxford ). Go up the M1 motorway and you'll find it.

So I started this course and then had to leave for a variety of personal reasons after 2 weeks. Wanted to keep up with flying so went to BGS D/L. I've never looked back. Passed all 14 first time. Notes, staff, building everything great. Also I know a great Bedsit if you need it. Contact me if you want.
To get back to my point, at the second module I met a guy who had started the same full time course as me. that person had only passed a few of the exams. You need to ask yourself that if this company is there to help you pass then something cannot be right!
Granted it is also down to individual ability but the school is a big factor. Just something to think about that full time does not guarantee good passes. D/L is in my experience just as good and only takes a little bit longer.

In my case started with BGS in October, worked my ass off and passed final exam in March! it can be done!

Happy to help with anything else but BGS is the place to go!

email at [email protected]<hidden> if you want further info!

Squawk 2650
23rd May 2002, 13:36
Thanks everyone I think I'll give bristol another call in the next few weeks and part with all that hard earned cash!! :) take care

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