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22nd Jun 2014, 20:18
...Lhude sing cuccu.

Evening (morning) all. A quiz for the summer equinox. :ok:


1...The quiz will be posted on Saturday or Sunday evening, my time.

2...Answers are worth a point apiece, except some questions may ask for additional info, worth extra points.

2a...There are musical clues scattered throughout the quiz (in groups of 5 or 10). Identify the song and artist from the clue supplied.

3...Until the first set of answers have been posted players are restricted to one post apiece, containing as many answers as they like. Additional posts will be ignored and edited posts will be disqualified. After the first answers have been compiled, all restrictions are cancelled (free for all).

4...The judge's decision is final

1...Who called a cup of coffee 'a cup of ambition?'
Dolly Parton - RHP

2...What international pizza franchise delivered a pizza to the ISS in 2001? (They didn't deliver it themselves but they paid the Russians a million to do so.)
Pizza Hut - SN

3...What area in Nevada was called Paradise Ranch during its construction to make it easier to recruit workers to the remote site?
Area 51 - Jetsy

4...New Yorker magazine celebrated the US ruling in favour of gay marriage by featuring what Muppet characters on its cover?
Bert and Ernie - Fox3

5...In 2002 what country introduced a HIV positive Muppet to its version of Sesame Street?
South Africa - SN

6...I got pig iron, I got pig iron, I got all pig iron...
Rock Island Line/Lonnie Donegan - TTN

7...He was a punker and he lived in the big city...
Amadeus/Falco - SN

8...So you're a little bit older and a lot less bolder than you used to be...
Rock And Roll Never Forgets/Bob Seger - SN

9...You show us everything you've got you keep on dancin' and the room gets hot...
Rock 'n Roll All Night/KISS - SN

10..The fields of Eden are full of trash...
Rock And A Hard Place/Stones - SN

11..Name the product made by the Hillerich & Bradsby Co. in Louisville KY.
Baseball bats - SN

12..Whose Air Force uniforms were originally Cossack Blue?
The RAF - Fox3

13..Everyone knows what the acronym WWJD stands for. What does the acronym WWTDDm stand for?
What would Tyler Durden do - SN

14..Al Martino had an international mega hit with the song Spanish Eyes. Point each, what was the title of the original, instrumental hit, and by what German orchestra?
Moon Over Naples/Bert Kaempfert - SN

15..The opening theme song of this TV drama was "Woke Up This Morning" by Alabama 3.
The Sopranos - SN
Bonus point, what country is Alabama 3 from?
England - SN

16..What British politician was christened "The undertaker from Birmingham" by Sir Winston Churchill?
Neville Chamberlin - Fox3

17..Who was James Rideout Winchester better known as?
Jesse Winchester - SN

18..Paul McCartney's aunt Millie Kendall's husband was the inspiration for what Paul and Linda McCartney hit?
Uncle Albert - SN

19..Who was William Orville Frizzel better known as?
Lefty Frizzel - SN

20..Who was Lloyd Estel Copas better known as?
Cowboy Copas - SN

21..Ever wonder 'bout what he's doin' how it all turned to lies...
Try/Pink - SN
Would have accepted Tessanne Chin.

22..Then I heard the guitar player say vamoose man here comes Jose...
Come A Little Bit Closer/Jay & The Americans

23..This baker's boy from the west country would join the Royal Society...
Sailing To Philadelphia/Mark Knopfler - SN
Would have accepted dIRE sTRATS.

24..Your piss is like a river its scent is beer and gin...
London You're A Lady/Pogues - SN

25..We're gonna stay here 'till it soothes our souls if it takes all night long...
Let The Good Times Roll/Sam Cooke - Fox3

26..NYC threw the first of those for Admiral Dewey on September 30th 1899.
Ticker tape parade - SN

27..What song by the artist in question 19 was covered by the Rolling Stones? (And Johnny Cash, among others.)
Long Black Veil

28..Who is Shawn Corey Carter better known as?
Jay-Z - SN

29..What did the bells of Rhymney say?
Oh what can you give me - SN

30.."What fools these mortals be" wrote Shakespeare. What did it say on the menus at the Pirates House Restaurant in Savanna, GA? :E
What foods these morsels be - GOF

31..Three songs have been written about the same woman, two by Eric Clapton and one by George Harrison. Point each, name the lady and the song titles.
Patti Boyd/Layla/Wonderful Tonight/Something - Fox3

32..What REM song was inspired by the attack on CBS newsman Dan Rather, by some nutcase?
What's The Frequency Kenneth - Fox3

33..Melinda was mine 'till the time that I found her doing what?
Holding Jim kissing him - SN

34..What do pogonologists study?
Facial hair - Jetsy

35..This company has more than 60 products on the market but stuck the number 57 on their label because that number was supposed to bring good luck.
Heinz - Jetsy

The next 10 questions are about the CTW program Sesame Street.

36..What Carpenters hit was a cover of the song that was intended to be the original Sesame Street theme song?
Sing A Song - Fox3

37..All the Sesame Street Muppet characters have four fingers, except one. Name him.
Cookie Monster - SN

38..Point each, name the Muppet character that had a song that hit #16 on the Billboard charts, and name the song.
Ernie/Rubber Ducky - SN

39..Point each, name the four American First Ladies that have appeared on the program.
Barbara Bush/Hillary Clinton/Laura Bush/Michelle Obama - Fox3

40..Which Muppet character's birthday is October 9th, 1,830,653 BC?
The Count - SN

41..Which Muppet disappeared from the show in 1990, and why. (He reappeared in 1998.)
Kermit the Frog/Jim Henson died.

42..Big Bird's teddy bear is named Riley in honour of what character from what TV show?
Radar O'Reilly/MASH - Fox3

43..Big Bird is not meant to represent a canary, instead he's actually a yellow what?
Yellow condor

44..Which Sesame Street Muppet has actually testified before the US Congress in support of public funding for music education?
Elmo - SN

45..Which character is a pachyderm?
Mr. Snuffleupagus - SN

46..Oh late bloomer the rumours were true...
Late Bloomer/Sarah Harmer - SN

47..I've had it to here bein' where love's a small word...
Solitary Man/Neil Diamond - SN

48..Little darling it's been a long cold lonely winter...
Here Comes The Sun - RHP
The Beatles - SN

49..Well the street lights shine down on Blessing Avenue...
Girls In Their Summer Clothes/The Boss - SN

50..When I squeeze you you make noise...
Rubber Ducky/Ernie - SN

51..Who is Donald Tokowitz better known as?
Donald Stirling - SN

52..What was Major League Baseball player Phil Garner's nickname?
Scrap Iron - SN

53..What nickname was given to the USN frigate USS Constitution?
Old Ironsides - Fox3

54..What name was given to Savo Sound, the body of water between Guadalcanal, and Savo and Florida Islands, in WWII?
Ironbottom Sound - SN

55..Who was the dirty little coward who shot Mr. Howard?
Robert Ford - SN
Bonus point, who was Mr. Howard?
Jesse James - SN

56..What is the maximum number of times a square of paper can be folded upon itself?
7 - SN

57..What is an ouroboros?
A serpent that eats it's tail - SN

58..Who is Shanour Varinag Aznavourian better known as?
Charles Aznavour - Jetsy

59..In space time, what is the Einstein-Rosen Bridge better known as?
A wormhole - Fox3

60..KOBO is an anagram of what word?
Book - Fox3

61..You feel the thirst but none can make you drink...
Cup Of Kindness/Emmylou Harris - SN

62..Gonna push the clouds away let the music have its way...
Almost Saturday Night - SN

63..If you ever get annoyed look at me I'm self employed...
Taking Care Of Business/BTO - SN

64..I'd sit alone and watch your light...
Radio Ga Ga/Queen - SN

65..Take it easy with me please touch me gently like a summer evening breeze...
Andante Andante/ABBA - SN

66..Name the two ships involved in the maritime disaster that has been called Canada's Titanic.
SS Empress Of Ireland/SS Storstadt - SN

67..Who was Marguerite Annie Johnson better known as?
Maya Angelou - Jetsy

68..Point each, what did the old woman from Wexford feed her husband to make him go blind?
Eggs and marrowbones - SN

69..What Irish folk song is alleged to be a secret code for a patriot that was hanged for treason in 1803?
Nell Flaherty's Drake

70..Eric Bogle's song No Man's Land is also known by two other titles. Point each...
Green Fields Of France - SN
Willie McBride - LW50

71..Over what song did Chuck Berry's music publisher sue the Beatles?
Come Together - SN

72..Queen staged a naked bicycle race to promote which one of their songs?
Fat Bottomed Girls - RHP

73..Which Ben. E. King song was covered by Muhammed Ali?
Stand By Me - SN

74..Point each, what Simon & Garfunkel song from what movie, was covered by The Lemonheads?
Mrs. Robinson/The Graduate - Jetsy

75..What Kermit the Frog song was covered by Frank Sinatra?
Being Green - SN

76..Name the brother and sister that founded the group No Doubt.
Eric and Gwen Stefani - SN

77..What keyboardist has been called the 6th Rolling Stone?
Ian Stewart - LW

78..Who released an album titled The Best Of The Beatles?
Pete Best

79..What colour is Floyd Pepper of the group Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem?
Pink (Pink Floyd, geddit?)

80..What Eminem song was inspired by a character in the 1991 film The Silence Of The Lambs?
Buffalo Bill - SN

Bonus question:
What 1979 movie inspired songs by both Iron Maiden and Cyndi Lauper?
Time After Time - Fox3
Bonus bonus point each, name both songs.
Time After Time/Cyndi Lauper - Fox3
Caught Somewhere In Time/Iron Maiden

22nd Jun 2014, 20:28
81. Who started the Korean War?

22nd Jun 2014, 20:48

:O :ok:

22nd Jun 2014, 21:15
48. Here comes the sun.

22nd Jun 2014, 21:20
3. Area 51 (EAFB)
34. beards
35. Heinz
43. big bird
58. Charles Aznavour
67. Maya Angelou (RIP, snif, snif)
74. The Graduate/Mrs Robinson.

Thanks piggy!

22nd Jun 2014, 22:10
6. Rock Island Line (Lonnie Donegan inter alia)

22nd Jun 2014, 22:28
6. Beaten to it!
23. Sailing to Philadelphia - Mark Knopfler.

22nd Jun 2014, 22:31
1 Dolly Parton
48 Here comes the sun
72 Fat Bottomed Girls.

22nd Jun 2014, 22:32
31. Not a complete answer by any means, but for starters, Patti Boyd - Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton.

22nd Jun 2014, 22:39
33. Holding Jim, loving him. Solitary Man - Neil Diamond.

22nd Jun 2014, 22:59
4. Bert & Ernie
12. Royal Air Force
16. Neville Chamberlain
25. Let the Good Times Roll - Sam Cooke ('Blues Brothers'!)
31. Pattie Boyd. Layla, Wonderful Tonight (EC); Something (GH)
32. What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
35. Heinz
36. Sing
37. Kermit
39. Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, Michelle Obama
42. Radar O'Reilly, MASH
53. Old Ironsides
56. 13
58. Charles Aznavour
59. wormhole
60. BOOK
72. Fat Bottomed Girls
74. Mrs Robinson, The Graduate

Bonus: Time after Time

spInY nORmAn
23rd Jun 2014, 00:43
Dolly Parton
Pizza Hut
Bert and Ernie
South Africa
Johnny Cash - Rock Island Line
Falco - Rock Me Amadeus
Bog Seger - Rock and Roll Never Forgets
Kiss - Rock N' Roll All Night
Rolling Stones - Rock and a Hard Place
Louisville Slugger
What Would Tyler Durden Do?
Bert Kaempfert - Moon Over Naples
The Sopranos - England
Neville Chamberlain
Jesse Winchester
Uncle Albert
Lefty Frizzell
Cowboy Copas
Pink - Try
Jay and the Americans - Come a Little Bit Closer
James Taylor - Sailing to Philadelphia
The Pogues - London You're a Lady
Sam Cooke - Good Times
Ticker Tape Parade
Oh What Can You Give Me
Pattie Boyd - Harrison: I Need You; Something - Clapton: Bell Bottom Blues; Wonderfull Tonight
What's The Frequency Kenneth
Holdin' Jim and Lovin' Him
Cookie Monster
Ernie - Rubber Duckie
Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, Michelle Obama
The Count
Sarah Harmer - Late Bloomer
Neil Diamond - Solitary Man
The Beatles - Here Comes the Sun
Bruce Springsteen - Girls in their Summer Clothes
Ernie - Rubber Duckie
Donald Sterling
Scrap Iron
Old Ironsides
Ironbottom Sound
Robert Ford - Jesse James
Snake eating its own tail
Charles Aznavour
Emmylou Harris - Cup of Kindness
John Fogerty - Almost Saturday Night
BTO - Taking Care of Business
Queen - Radio Ga Ga
ABBA - Andante, Andante
Empress of Ireland - SS Storstad
Maya Angelou
Eggs and Marrowbone
Green Fields of France and Willie McBriar
Come Together
Bicycle Race
Stand by Me
Mrs Robinson - The Graduate
Bein' Green
Eric and Gwen Stefani
Chuck Leavell
Buffalo Bill

Bonus - Time After Time

John Hill
23rd Jun 2014, 05:19
81. See S. Brian Willson, U.S. And South Korea Assault An Idyllic Island: Not For The First Time | S. Brian Willson (http://www.brianwillson.com/u-s-and-south-korea-assault-an-idyllic-island-not-for-the-first-time/)

The Korean War that lasted from June 1950 to July 1953, was an enlargement of the 1948-50 struggle of Jeju Islanders to preserve their self-determination from the tyrannical rule of U.S.-supported Rhee and his tiny cadre of wealthy constituents. Little known is that the U.S.-imposed division of Korea in 1945 against the wishes of the vast majority of Koreans was the primary cause of the Korean War that broke out five years later.

Lon More
23rd Jun 2014, 08:36
Not much left.

3. Area 51
56 8
69 The old triangle
78 The Beatles

Thanks Sidders

23rd Jun 2014, 09:59
81. See S. Brian Willson, U.S. And South Korea Assault An Idyllic Island: Not For The First Time | S. Brian Willson (http://www.brianwillson.com/u-s-and-south-korea-assault-an-idyllic-island-not-for-the-first-time/)

Is this someone you drink with at the Mongolian bar? The Brian Wilsom I know likes surfing an playing nice music.

23rd Jun 2014, 10:36
Well, someone sure knows how to spoil the game for everybody else

Ascend Charlie
23rd Jun 2014, 12:45
18 Paul McCartney's uncle was Mean Mr Mustard

31 Layla, twice by Eric Clapton, and george probably stole the tune for something else...

38 Mana mana, that furry glove puppet. Wish my furry brain could recall its name...

spInY nORmAn
23rd Jun 2014, 20:00
Sorry SSK - got carried away :(

23rd Jun 2014, 22:48
Without Looking anything up nor at other answers:

2. Dominos
3. Las Vegas
8. Against the Wind, Bob Seger
11. Louisville Slugger
16. Neville Chamberlain
18. (We're so Sorry) Uncle Albert
26. Ticker Tape Parade
31. Pattie (Boyd) Harrison. EC1. Layla, EC2. Have You Ever Loved a Woman GH1. Something
35. Heinz (PIckles and Ketchup and such ... heiress is nor marred to our Sec State ... )
45. Snuffeluppegus (spelling in question)
48. Here Comes the Sun
53. Old Ironsides
54. Iron Bottom Sound
55. Robert Ford. Mr Howard was in fact Jesse James, famous outlaw
56. 7
57. A snake that eats its own tail.
59. Mobious loop/strip
60. Book
63. Taking car of Business, Bachman Turner overdrive
70. Willie McBride, Green Fields of France
71. Roll Over Beethoven
72. Bicycle Race (I want to ride my bicycle)
74. Mrs Robinson, from The Graduate
75. It's not Easy Being Green
76. Gwen and (I forget) Stefani
77. Ian Stewart

I may have missed one or two with inspired guesses.

That's a hell of a list! :eek:

23rd Jun 2014, 23:16
Initial scores:

spInY nORmAn 72
Fox3WheresMyBanana 21
Jetsy 7
Redhillphil 3
Tankertrashnav 2
WIDN62 2
Lonewolf50 2

Now. Since the year 2000 these quizzes have been intended to be a pub type quiz, where the answers were off the top of the player's heads without the use of a search engine, and not the cluster **** this one became. If anyone wants to discuss the fate of the world, the state of the Middle East or what the sociopathic, fat little sob running North Korea is doing, take it elsewhere. :*:*

24th Jun 2014, 13:08
30 - What foods these morsels be?

Note: no Googles were harmed in the production of this answer, which came entirely off the top of my sick head.

43 - Ostrich?

24th Jun 2014, 21:08
The Cyndi Lauper song was also called 'Time after Time'. Don't know the Iron Maiden one.

..and if GOF isn't right about the menu, he ought to be. Nice one :ok:

24th Jun 2014, 21:27
pigboat, I do not believe you scored my answers correctly. I know that more than two are correct.

24th Jun 2014, 22:32

Maybe so, but were there earlier posts with the right answers?

Best not to piss off the quizmaster, lest he says **** it, I don't need this, and we all lose out.


24th Jun 2014, 23:25
Intermediate scores:

spInY nORmAn 72
Fox3WheresMyBanana 22
Jetsy 7
RedhillPhil 3
Tankertrashnav 2
WIDN62 2
Lonewolf50 2
GrumpyOldFart 1

pigboat, I do not believe you scored my answers correctly. I know that more than two are correct.
What the aged, irritated one said. You only had a couple of errors, but all your answers had been already posted by someone else. You had the Willie McBride portion of question 70 and question 77 correct, and was also the first to post the correct answer.

GOF the Pirates House was one of the best - to me anyway - restaurants in Savannah. That's saying a lot because I like Southern food in general and seafood in particular. It's located in what used o be an old carriage house that dates back to the 18th century. There are 17 dining rooms, none bigger than a dozen tables, and some as small as two tables. I haven't been back to SAV in 20 years, but it's on my bucket list. There's another seafood restaurant on Tybee Island where the tables are old empty cable reels. You order 5 lbs of shrimp and a pitcher of beer, peel the shrimp and throw the shells into a garbage bag down the hole in the reel. Fantastic place. :ok::ok:

Damn, now I'm hungry. :p

24th Jun 2014, 23:31
Isn't there a lost nuke somewhere off Tybee Island?
Heck of a BBQ if that cooks off. 3.8MT yield.

25th Jun 2014, 00:04
Yes there is, apparently it wasn't armed. Google Tybee Island Nuke.

25th Jun 2014, 00:27
Well, stap me vitals! It was only a smartarse guess. I should get a job writing menus.


25th Jun 2014, 12:35
Got it, and no, I didn't look.
Won't bother with your future "quizzes," but thanks for your efforts in any case. You put together a nice list of puzzlers. :ok:

25th Jun 2014, 23:46
That's it for this one folks. Final scores:

spInY nORmAn 72
Fox3WheresMyBanana 22
Jetsy 7
RedhillPhil 3
Tankertrashnav 2
WIDN62 2
Lonewolf50 2
GrumpyOldFart 1

There will be another quiz at the fall equinox, which should fall on September 21st. September 22nd for the hemispherically challenged. :E

Thank you LW, check your PM's.