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21st Jun 2014, 19:17
... might work with a lion, though:
All cats hate baths...even the big ones! But the man washing this lion got lucky | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2664124/All-cats-hate-baths-big-ones-But-man-washing-lion-got-lucky.html)

(scroll down for the video, it's... well, you'll see!)

21st Jun 2014, 19:29
Poor wild creature incarcerated in that way. I suspect a lion type Siegfried and Roy incident is on the cards any day soon when that cat just decides enough is enough already!


21st Jun 2014, 21:52
Nothing special. I wash and trim my own cat that way. When it has enough it lets me know with a quick hard bite to my hand.

fortunately it can't fit my head in its mouth

21st Jun 2014, 22:05
Saw a programme about Sumatran tigers in an Australian zoo the other night and they love water and are very good swimmers. One of the blokes was swimming with a young tiger hitching a ride on his back.

21st Jun 2014, 22:07
I don't keep cats any more because my dog tends to want to eat them but I have a great regard for the feline species and realised long ago, even as I was opening that tin of cat food that if only I was smaller or the cat was bigger I would make a fine dinner too!


21st Jun 2014, 22:11
Remember the old saying "dogs have owners, cats have staff"

21st Jun 2014, 22:19
Anthropomorphic slush perhaps but you know we are all living creatures on this planet...

A lion called Christian - The whole Documentary (Full length) - YouTube


21st Jun 2014, 22:21
That is a great story, always liked it since it was first on TV.

22nd Jun 2014, 02:00
I certainly have no desire to add "lion-washer" to my CV - but it would make an interesting addition to anyones CV. :)

22nd Jun 2014, 04:16
Nice video which simply shows that a bond can be formed between a cat and a man.

It's a much more complex bond than the smarmy thing a dog does.

That lion likes that guy! :)

23rd Jun 2014, 06:49
more about big cats (and thanks for the link to the film) - an easy one to start with:


Can you spot the leopard? Amazing camouflage of the big cats as they roam the wilds of India | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2665246/Can-spot-leopard-Amazing-camouflage-big-cats-roam-wilds-India.html)

23rd Jun 2014, 06:58
Known as a Buzz Saw !

23rd Jun 2014, 08:04
Thanks for posting that Caco.

Really great stuff and a beautiful creature, quite moving.

23rd Jun 2014, 08:22
I was sure 500N would post a copy of the leopard pic with a set of crosshairs drawn right between the leopards eyes!! KAPOW!!

Beautiful-looking creatures - but exceptionally nasty and aggressive animals, too. Leopards have no fear of humans.


23rd Jun 2014, 08:28

No, I was going to post a photo of someone holding up a huge Leopard and I mean huge.