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23rd May 2002, 01:18
It's happened at last. PPRUNE has resorted to pop up windows.
I know this is a fee service and an extremely good one at that but I for one have a hatred of popup windows and instantly close them whenever I see one.
What is everyone else’s opinion on them and can we dissuade Danny from continuing down this route?

23rd May 2002, 01:56
Is THAT what it is!

I'm using Mozilla (not the nasty, virus-inviting Internet Explorer). It keeps spawning blank windows which then freeze the machine. I have to "zap" them before I can read the forums.

It's enough of a pain that I think I'll be leaving PPRUNE if it carries on - unless I can find some software to stop them

Let's hope it's a temporary aberration!

23rd May 2002, 02:15
I also detest pop-up windows. The banner ads are subtle in their approach compared to the pop-ups that scream ‘look at me’and force you to close them or forever live with something continually flashing in the corner of your screen like some spoilt child.

I imagine that the pop-ups have been proven to attract more clicks per inch than other forms of internet advertising, otherwise why subject your clientele/users to something so invasive. I suppose you have to weigh up the annoyance factor on the one hand against the revenue created for the site on the other.

23rd May 2002, 02:28
I hate them. :mad: :mad: :mad:

23rd May 2002, 02:41
Haven't seen any on this site on this browser.

Sin Crate
23rd May 2002, 04:05
Cut this irritating pop up banner crap immediately!

hmmm.....Worth a vote?

23rd May 2002, 06:24
Pop ups? Haven't got any whilst using the (company provided) virus inviting Explorer :D

23rd May 2002, 07:27
Errr... I do not allow pop-adverts on PPRuNe!

Are you sure it is from the PPRuNe web page that you are getting them? Are you using AOL or one of the 'nanny' ISP's to log on with? They sometimes force you to keep one of their windows open and who knows what they do in the background.

I use one advertising company for some banners but I definitely do not allow them to submit pop-ups. I detest pop-ups as much as the next person. I have never seen a pop-up ad whilst using PPRuNe and it would appear that only some of you are getting them which leads me to suspect that it is some other window you have open (although possibly reduced in size) that is causing you the grief.

Investigation continues.

Capt PPRuNe
aka Danny Fyne
The Professional Pilots RUmour NEtwork

23rd May 2002, 07:39
Found this one on the computer forum a few months ago.
Haven't had a pop-up since!

Pop-up stopper, free download (http://www.panicware.com)

Hope this helps. :)

Tartan Gannet
23rd May 2002, 08:34
Sorry, the little bast&rd is from O2 mobile phones and its IS associated with PPrune as far as I can see, (I dont get it with other websites when I access them).

Flaps, I have downloaded that pop-up killer you mentioned and will see if it does the trick.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

I installed this utility but now I get a totally stupid de-bug message from the whacky world of Microsoft. This is just as annoying. I DO NOT want to de-bug this error, I KNOW it is because a pop-up cannot display. I want the pop-up and if possible its originator to disappear up its own ar*ehole and not display on my computer screen ever again.

Any suggestions folks?

23rd May 2002, 09:20
Danny, there is definitely a pop-up window on my PC!

The URL (from right-clicking on the ad and selecting Properties in Internet Explorer) appears to be the same as the URL of the window I'm currently typing this reply into - so there's something dodgy going on! It's an ad for O2, if that helps.

I don't normally mind pop-up windows - I just minimize them and ignore them. (Advertisers please note - your ad will stay on my screen if you put it on the main page, but not if it's a pop-up!) But this one is particularly annoying, because it keeps shifting the focus to itself. So, even if I move the popup off the screen where I can't see it, I can be half way through typing a reply to something, and suddenly I find I'm typing into a popup ad, which has ignored my last 2 paragraphs :mad:


23rd May 2002, 09:31
It pops up on the 'reply to topic' page - if you miss it, it prevents you from typing your message as it becomes the active window.

Naturally it's Danny's call to fund PPRuNe in whatever way he sees fit - but these type of ads are particularly annoying.


23rd May 2002, 09:31
Don't mind the banner ads too much as I can ignore them if I want to but the pop ups suck!

Obviously, the site needs an income but how would everyone feel if it became a subscription site? Personally, I would be happy to pay a nominal fee - say a fiver - as the information that I can get from the site is worth it.

Any views on this?

23rd May 2002, 09:49
Hmm, the O2 pop-up is going mad in the mil forum, it appears just about every mouse click, but when I came into JB it was not apparent. Anyway bin the damn thing, banner ads are ok but popups are just annoying.

Tartan Gannet
23rd May 2002, 09:50
Sennadog, Id happily pay £10 a year by Creditcard to get rid of all annoying adverts especially pop-ups like the one we are all hateing so much here.

But I have to ask the question I pose above. Let's face it, its a good way to get folks to pay. A similar system used to be associated with Shareware. It was free to download or on the cover disk of a Computer Magazine but had a built in "Nag Screen" which popped up at random in different parts of the screen. It usually had an whingeing message asking you to purchase the software. Doing so either gave you a number to key in or a download which deleted or disabled the "Nag Screen". Now this O2 pop-up has an annoying message "Im cutting my toe-nails" not the sort of thing one wants to read about.

So I wonder, is this Danny using a not so subtle marketing ploy to make this a subscription website?

I admire his business acumen if this is the case, but it lowers him in my esteem and respect.

I hope I am wrong!

The Greaser
23rd May 2002, 09:58
Get rid of this god damn thing.................... please!!

23rd May 2002, 10:33
Guys, as I posted above on this thread, it is under investigation and Capt PPRuNe clearly states:

I use one advertising company for some banners but I definitely do not allow them to submit pop-ups. I detest pop-ups as much as the next person.
Investigation continues.

So how about we believe him when he says that it is not a money generating ploy & that it's under investigation?
I once again advise you to download the Pop-up stopper (http://www.panicware.com)
On my PC it is very effective indeed!

23rd May 2002, 10:36
It's 10:34 now, and I've clicked around PPRUNE a bit and the O2 popup window hasn't returned. (yet) :)

Flaps would it be possible to let us know what OS you are using. I have tried POPUP stopper before with sucsess on win98. But tried similar utilites such as Web Washer on winME and i've had the debug error that TG describes.

Cheers :)

The Greaser
23rd May 2002, 10:39
Yes, it seems to have burnt itself out now.

23rd May 2002, 10:42
.....and I haven't seen any adverts on PPRuNe, and I have IE/win95!!!!! :rolleyes:

BTW, popupstopper doesn't stop'em all on some sites, but seems to stop most of the damn things.... :mad:

On my family's MSN 'communities' page, I have to actually disable it temporarily, or I can't post anything!!! :D :rolleyes:

I Am Ugly
23rd May 2002, 11:00
I haven't the slighest clue what you all are on about?

No pop up windows for me. :confused:

23rd May 2002, 11:37
Pop UP Ad Filter - excellent program -


costs a few quid, but well worth it, think there is a 30-day free trial or something..

The Mistress
23rd May 2002, 12:04
The pop-up has changed from o2 to Virgin Credit Card.

Tartan Gannet
23rd May 2002, 12:23
I dont know what agency is to be thanked but these bloody pop ups have gone.

Fingers Crossed.

Now this raises a point. Why do organisations persist in using advertising methods which annoy their possible customers?

I would now NEVER sign up for O2 Mobile Phone system having been so annoyed by their stupid pop up.

Captain Stable
23rd May 2002, 12:34
O2 is what used to be BT Cellnet. I unfortunately don't have any choice about not buying their products as I already have one of theirs!

Like everyone else I found the popups irritating in the extreme, so I dowloaded and installed one of the freebie stoppers.

Since I did so, Danny appears to have kneed in the groin whoever was doing it, because the pstopper has not alerted me to it having to do any work!

Send Clowns
23rd May 2002, 18:18
I hope, Danny, you have taken the opportunity to shove a rocket up O2's arse because I was getting them too, with a PPRuNe window name. Someone has been hijacking your site for advertising they did not pay for! If you wish I am happy to email them a complaint.

I admit I use AOL *spits and crosses himself* but it was doing it when I openend a PPRuNe window, nothing else.

It has gone now, but O2 owes you some money :D

23rd May 2002, 18:38

Been off and on PPrune all day, and haven't seen one of these pop-ups, I appear to be missing something?

WinME IE 5.5 128-bit encryption , errrrr which may help :)


23rd May 2002, 18:39
Hang on, just a thought.........

Why don't you put the adverts, on the "Thank you for posting" page Danny?

Tony :0)

23rd May 2002, 19:22
I always use this machine (WinMe, IE6) to access Pprune, and I've never seen a pop-up window.

If the Man says he doesn't permit them, perhaps some of you should take him at his word and look harder at your own ISP!!

tony draper
23rd May 2002, 19:35
Was a persistent wee bugga, still had it flashin away when I came out of pprune, and on me desktop when I came off the net,
gone altogether now,still geting this script error on page message which is becoming irritating, nothing to do with pprune though.

23rd May 2002, 19:39
stop blaming Danny.

I have never seen a one. ever.


24th May 2002, 01:11
I've never seen a badger though I know they exist, but I don't blame Danny.

24th May 2002, 01:27
I've had those pop-ups too (and as you already know,... I hate 'em :( )

I'm also a user on that particular network.... and can only say I really don't know how they dare advertise, it's the worst mobile network I've ever encountered!! :eek:

Roll on January, when my contract's finished!! :D

24th May 2002, 13:06
I only seem to get the O2 pop up message when ever i go onto pilot mail. After going in there the little bu**er of a thing pops up every minute or so. But it does seem to stop after about 5 mins of me continuously closing it.
Most annoying indeed :mad: :mad:

Tartan Gannet
24th May 2002, 13:20
Apologies to the esteemed Mr Fyne for thinking this may have been a "cunning plot" to get us to pay a sub. Alas, being a cynic I tend to look for a hidden agenda these days when this type of thing occurs.

Having re-booted since I downloaded and installed Flaps Pop Up Killer I have had any more Pop-ups. I will submit it to the acid test and access another website which is littered with Pop-ups and see if I still get away?


24th May 2002, 13:24
Have you checked your computer for spyware? There may be rubbish in the registry.

You can get programs to find it and delete it. can't remember a name for one at the moment though. Try searching google

Capt PPRuNe
24th May 2002, 20:08
The following statement was received from ValuClick today:
ValueClick pop-ups were appearing on the PPRuNe site on the morning of Thursday the 23rd May. There was a technical fault, which automatically linked one of the pop-ups for a campaign to certain banners. The pop-up should not have been linked to the banners. It is not our intention to serve pop-up campaigns to sites that do not wish to show them.

We were made aware of the problem through contact with some of our publishers at 09.45 GMT on Thursday. Our technical support team solved the problem by 10.10 GMT. Since then there have been no reports of this problem reoccurring and we have been monitoring our network for any problems.

The PPRuNe website has never requested pop-up banners from us and it is through no fault of theirs that this problem occurred. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to both the PPRuNe website and to their users.

24th May 2002, 20:25
Interesting. Those who have found pop up's, were you going tot he main site priopr to the BB?

I'm bookmarked to the BB itself, and have not received any pop ups in the whole time here, which ahs been several years.

But Capt has answered the question.

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