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12th Jun 2014, 00:12
5 surprising facts about the O.J. Simpson Bronco chase - CNN.com (http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/10/justice/five-things-oj-simpson-chase/)

12th Jun 2014, 00:48
Where were you 20 years ago, today?

Flying for the Marshal Service, watching the chase on TV like everyone else.

12th Jun 2014, 01:02
This was quite a day!

At this time I was dodging thunderstorms on my 5th leg of the day, enroute Elmira, NY in a C-152, N5129B. I'd left Liberal, KS at dawn, dodging thunderstorms by routing into Dodge City - you know things are bad when it's time to get into Dodge ;)
I was doing a delivery from Phoenix, AZ to Tel Aviv, Israel.
I landed at Elmira having scratched Syracuse when they told me a DC-10 had just diverted due to turbulence - probably not wise to take a C-152 in, thinks me. I'd just got the aircraft tied down when a CB hit Elmira. In the 100 yards to the tower I got soaked to the skin.

I arrived in Israel on the 27th, having routed via Greenland,UK, France, Italy, & Rhodes.

12th Jun 2014, 01:15
Depending on the time of day, may have been flying the commuter shuttle

out of Abz or possibly pissed up in a bar at the back of Union St. watching

the chase. The name of the bar escapes me, 20ft across the front, but

4 or 5 bars going back perhaps 50yrds. Happy days.

12th Jun 2014, 04:46
I was actually on my way home from the golf course and they passed under the overpass I was on while they were heading down the 605. There must have been 9 helicopters following the pursuit. A couple of police choppers and the rest were local news choppers.

12th Jun 2014, 05:07
Single, drunk, happy, carefree, and
not caring a damn about nothing. :)

20 years later.....:(

John Hill
12th Jun 2014, 05:57
I would have been in Kabul about that time. Staying in the Gandamak Lodge on Passport Lane listening to the rockets fly overhead.

West Coast
12th Jun 2014, 06:02
In my apartment taking betting my roommate he would be dead within minutes.

12th Jun 2014, 06:18
Yea, l had a flat mate like that.

He said he was off back to France for a week and after 4 days he reappeared,

unfortunately, l didn`t have the chance to take his cheeses out of the plastic

bags l`d tried to hide them in.

To be perfectly honest the smell was beyond human endurance.

He may have taken that badly.

12th Jun 2014, 06:47
Well, on the 11th June I was in Johannesburg and on the 12th flew Jo'burg - Mauritius - Singapore.

Effluent Man
12th Jun 2014, 08:02
Supervising the building of a new garage (Business that is) by "Ivan the Terrible Builder". This guy had spent forty years in the trade and not learned how to make the rainwater drain.It still floods.

12th Jun 2014, 08:44
Actually it was the 17th June.

O.J. Simpson car chase took place nearly 20 years ago, on June 17, 1994

But dunno, haven't got my log books here.

Rwy in Sight
12th Jun 2014, 10:11
I was in Brussels taking some exams although with the time difference probably pretending to be studying. I don't remember the subjects.

Rwy in Sight

12th Jun 2014, 10:16
Doing an interview at Alligator Airways for my first full time job. :ok:

12th Jun 2014, 10:46
Doing the first year of my Articles in a law firm in Lloyd's Avenue, EC3. Quite a lot of it spent in the wine bar in the basement - those were the days.

12th Jun 2014, 10:49
I watched it unfold either in my hotel room in Hilo, or up at the Hale Pohaku facility on Mauna Kea. Sorry, can't remember which.

12th Jun 2014, 12:46
Having made a good recovery from a serious operation, I was walking in the Austrian countryside with Mrs G.

12th Jun 2014, 13:29
Flying as a copilot for BA in a B737-400 Helsinki - Heathrow - Stockholm.

Seems like an awful long time ago:{

12th Jun 2014, 13:55
I was in Northumberland with a wife and 2 small children - wondering where all the money...and sex...had gone...:sad:

12th Jun 2014, 14:49
At staff college, in the living room of a USMC friend having a beer as we watched that surreal Bronco on the Highway event.

West Coast
12th Jun 2014, 16:33
Seems like an awful long time ago

Time is a funny thing. 20 years ago seems only like yesterday.

12th Jun 2014, 16:56
I was in the 'Block' bar in Centralia Il, watching the car chase with my flying mates.
Was there hours building as a brand new PPL.

14th Jun 2014, 07:45
so, TWO of the threaders in the thread banned. Must be serious stuff?:E

14th Jun 2014, 23:34
In a meeting. Where the hell else would I have been?

Meetings - The alternative to work...

14th Jun 2014, 23:39
As disinterested in, and ignorant of, O J Simpson as I am today.

15th Jun 2014, 00:34
Was in Dublin, Ireland.

Was Head Shed in a new country operation by a global multinational. Got tired of making excuses for under performing others and bugged out to a crowd that led me here.

15th Jun 2014, 12:29
Sorry Aviation Content...

Ripping the guts out of one of five ex RCAF CC117.s or Falcon 20s, getting rid of very professionally installed cabling and EW system wiring, and wondering "What the hell are these..." when I found five what appeared to be vacuum tubes installed in the nose, centre fuselage, tailcone and wings. Turned out they were vacuum tubes though not in the accepted sense of the words... they were crash switches linked to a deployable Q.A.R and Crash Locator Beacon and ELT installed at the base of the fin...
We had no wiring diagrams for the specialist equipment that had been installed by the RCAF and every day on the job was a journey of discovery. Of the main aircraft wiring diagrams that we did have there were a few errors that didnt come to light until the CoA flight test. Removed equipment essential for flight had been reinstalled and wired according to the book... 'Twas then we discovered that what should have been a Yaw Damper System became a Yaw Enhancer system... an error in the Yaw Damper wiring diagram led to instant Dutch Roll on take off, and a very hastily abandoned test flight... But like someone already said...Happy Days!

Pinky the pilot
16th Jun 2014, 03:33
Capetonian; Likewise!

16th Jun 2014, 07:31
As disinterested in, and ignorant of, O J Simpson as I am today.

+1 more.......

20 years ago seems only like yesterday.

Yep. The older one gets the "feel"
of 20 years gets shorter.