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11th Jun 2014, 19:22
BBC News - N Korea: Leader scolds 'inaccurate' weather forecasters (http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-27792721)

11th Jun 2014, 20:00
Not the first time. Didn't some Italian geologists go to jail for not predicting an earthquake?

11th Jun 2014, 20:01
On a recent visit to a water slide factory, Kim Jong-un said the work shows "nothing is impossible" in North Korea.

Are they working in collaboration with the Bowling Alley?

11th Jun 2014, 23:09
Just worked out how important the weather forecast was for the D-Day landings.

11th Jun 2014, 23:10
I am surprised he hasn't had them killed.

12th Jun 2014, 00:19
Mr. 500, let the sleeping dogs lie...

John Hill
12th Jun 2014, 01:48
Everything is connected to something else..


12th Jun 2014, 02:48
Ah, so yet another scheme for UN "experts" to wine and dine on someone else's dime wile achieving absolutely nothing.

12th Jun 2014, 03:30
I know how the Little Fat Wun feels. Our local forecasters aren't much use, either. They forecast a minimum of 13 deg C the night before last - it went down to 5.7 deg C, thanks to pool of cold Antarctic air driven by a South wind that sneaked up on them.

I seem to recall, quite a number of years back, the local weather forecasters proudly proclaiming they had reached an accuracy level of 48%.

Some smart observer promptly pointed out, that if the forecasters had completely reversed their daily forecasts (i.e., forecast rain instead of fine, and forecast fine instead of rain), they would have achieved an accuracy rate of 52%!! :)

West Coast
12th Jun 2014, 03:31
They should come to San Diego and try their craft. Sunny and 24C/75F most of the time.

Now for a challenge, I'd suggest forecasting up in the Bering sea area.

12th Jun 2014, 03:38
Oooh...everything is connected. What a tease! Do tell us more!

I was most intrigued by the $120K total cost for some spiffy weather stations, but they had to be funded by "others" because of poor crops in North Korea. Yeah, I believe that one.

You would think that the Fatty would cancel at least one of the Dennis Rodman exhibitions so that he could afford some of John Hill's weather stations!

12th Jun 2014, 06:00
I once read somewhere (before internet so no link) that if weather men could train a monkey to say "the weather tomorrow will be the same as the weather today"
They would be more accurate than the weathermen.:ugh:

John Hill
12th Jun 2014, 06:05
It has been proved time and again that the weather man almost always gets the weather right, it is just the date they have a problem with.

12th Jun 2014, 06:19
Actually Mr Hill when the weather bloke
is talking about yesterday's weather he
is speaking as an empirical scientist.

When he's talking about tomorrow's he
is giving a tea leaf reading.

12th Jun 2014, 18:20
I reckon 500N has got it right - it just hasn't yet happened.

12th Jun 2014, 18:24
Go away for a day and the old fat one has been at it again, killing people off !!! LOL

12th Jun 2014, 19:14
I wonder what's going to happen to the N. Korean weather forecasters during the "dog days of summer"?

Bwwwa haaaaa haaaa. I made a funny. Bwwaaa haaaa haaa.

Okay, okay. Back to work, I know.

12th Jun 2014, 19:37
It has been proved time and again that the weather man almost always gets the weather right, it is just the date they have a problem with.

I actually liked that, very true no matter where you live. :ok:

I happened to meet one of our local TV weathermen at one of those parties my wife drags me to. Unfortunately I perhaps, just perhaps mind you, had sampled one too many Scotches, checking its quality of course, and told him that if I had been as wrong as he was, as often as he was, I would have killed myself over a hundred times in aircraft starting 40 years ago.

He was not amused.

Neither was my wife. :(

12th Jun 2014, 19:43
But you were amused at the "clarity" of thought behind your statement, greased along the rails by some Scotch samplings, eh Con?!!!!!

12th Jun 2014, 19:58
My son keeps saying that in his next life he wants to come back as a meteorologist. The only profession where you can be wrong 50% of the time and keep your job.

12th Jun 2014, 19:58
But you were amused at the "clarity" of thought behind your statement, greased along the rails by some Scotch samplings, eh Con?!!!!!

Oh yes, absolutely, actually remarkable just how clear things become. :p

I've actually solved all the problems in the world while under the influence of Scotch.

But I keep forgetting to write those solutions down. :(

13th Jun 2014, 03:22
Little Fat Wun is exceptionally annoyed because the weather forecasters failed to explain to North Koreans, exactly where the sun shines from, in NK. :E :)

13th Jun 2014, 05:15
Professionally, I had a love-hate relationship with meteorologists, having been called out for too many false flood advance warnings over the years. However, these days they are much improved, although it's often difficult for them to quantify their prediction. I see that these days, some are putting a % probability on their rain forecasts.

Some years ago (60s, 70s?) an analysis was done of the Brisbane Met Bureau forecasts. It was found that if they'd forecast yesterday's weather again for today, they'd have been right more often than they were with the forecasts they gave.

13th Jun 2014, 05:41
it's often difficult for them to quantify their prediction.

The thing Hydro is that Meteorology is
more an art than a science. Well it is
a science but throw that bugger Chaos
into the works and you realise it will
never be 100% accurate in any serious
predictions ("if a butterfly farts in Tas
there'll be storms in Brizzy next week"
sort of thing).

Krystal n chips
13th Jun 2014, 05:55
Dear Kim,

Just read about your little upset with weather forecasters. Which leads me to a little problem we have here in the UK, one that might hold an appeal to you in getting it sorted..in your own inimitable style that is.

Here's the problem.

About 2 years ago, the Met Office website started to inform us the site would be closing shortly and a new one would be appearing.....the old one, thankfully, is still there.

However, as promised along came a nice shiny new site which, when it worked, wasn't full of code and also carried more adverts than "Pearl and Dean" at the cinema, was actually quite good.....alas, and as always, the desire to inform the nation about our national obsession has resulted in yet more and very recent changes to this super new site with the inevitable result that said site is now a can of worms.

The pretty pictures still appear, but, sadly when you click on them, instead of a summary for the day, you simply get a load of text....although there was about one day when you actually got the graphics.

Today, for example, when I clicked on at about 04.00hrs, I was blissfully informed the site had been updated at, er, 05.00hrs...the Met Office have now, seemingly, added time travel to their range of expertise.

At the end of the various "inspired guesses" that constitute the weather forecasts on the BBC, we are usually advised to consult the Met Office website, but, as you are by now no doubt aware, this is where it becomes problematic.

I think you would like Exeter....it's a nice City and the surrounding area is very scenic....there are plenty of sea cliffs, beaches and isolated moors not too far away which you may find could be useful if you care to take on the problem...

Yours, in anticipation,

"A concerned UK citizen "

13th Jun 2014, 07:43
It's interesting to see Kim Jong Un venturing to complain about his weather forecasters lacking modern equipment, given the general poverty of North Korea. Where does he expect them to get this stuff, given the lack of funds?

This old business Kim likes to do, popping up somewhere to look at stuff, thronged by smiling admirers and trailed by a po-faced group dutifully taking notes, seems to be reaching its limits, limits dictated by grim reality. That worked for his daddy and grand-daddy, but those days mostly are past.

It's one thing to be admiring a giant cauliflower, say, but when the Kimster ventures into the realm of modern high-tech he looks very much like a numpty, given the poverty-driven obsolescence of his tiny realm's equipment, his weather guys probably having to share one wet-bulb hygrometer ("It's my turn to twirl it! Give it here!") when their colleagues south of the DMZ are working with super-computers.

13th Jun 2014, 08:43
The thing Hydro is that Meteorology is
more an art than a science. Well it is
a science but throw that bugger Chaos
into the works and you realise it will
never be 100% accurate
Yes, Mike, I realise that. I should have made it clear that I think putting a probability on, say, the occurrence of rain is more realistic and a good thing.

These days, meteorologists' predictions are much better than they used to be, due to better knowledge of the processes involved, more information (and more timely information) being available and more computing power being available to interpret the incoming data and turn it into information. I think the next major advance in meteorology will be the ability to give more accurate quantitative forecasts further into the future.

13th Jun 2014, 09:49
Bearing in mind the necessary generality in terms of area covered, I find the forecasts on the BBC usually correct - say 70 or 80% of the time.

Pinky the pilot
13th Jun 2014, 10:06
One thing about Kim Fat Wun that surprises me is that he has not chastised his hairdresser.:eek:

I`d have him shot at dawn every day for six weeks! :=

Krystal n chips
13th Jun 2014, 17:26
Dear Kim,

You clearly had a word in the right ear as, lo and behold, I clicked on the new site a few minutes ago....and it worked ! ...:)

Having sorted that little problem, we've got a few more here in the UK if you're interested....just ask and I'll provide a little list to keep you occupied for a while...

Yours " a grateful UK citizen"

14th Jun 2014, 04:36