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10th Jun 2014, 15:42
Inspired by H.G. Wells' "The Shape of Things to Come", the BBC and one's own sexual frustrations (or why I like pudicats?!)...

When I first read about South Korean grandmothers having sex in the park (http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-27189951) earlier today, my initial reactions (having never actually ever lived in South Korea but with vast experience as a teenager and younger adult with the opposite sex "back when" in UK / France etc.) included:

1) Nothing changes very much. In South Korea today, grandmothers feel required to "prostitute" themselves in exchange for the equivalent of a meal. How did they behave when they were young though?

2) Most of my own "disposable income" "back when" was spent on UK and French "grandmothers" (but well before they became such). I don't regret that too much. Even back then, I realised that some of the gals were my "pals" merely because of the free drinks and sometimes meals which were available. I didn't want to sleep with all of them, even (especially) the plainer-looking girls were good company in a conversationalist sense...?!

3) South Korea is supposedly one of the most advanced Asian economies. With GDP on a par (especially on PP parity) with most western European economies. Much like our own western societies, their own government long ago instituted development policies which would involve the eventual break-up of the common and traditional Asian-style "family support unit". So as to encourage labour "mobility" etc. in order to meet the demands of business and industry.

The problem in South Korea today is that their government has never sufficiently-developed their social-security programs to compensate adequately (as we in Europe attempt to do) for the breakdown of the "family support unit". Which is why they're (South Koreans) apparently so rich, but especially the chaebols and conglomerates.

But with a falling birth-rate, little or no savings, heavy private (and corporate) debts, things will eventually get even worse there, I fear. As in much of western Europe and elsewhere in the 1st World, the next few decades will be truly entertaining (provided you have a roof over your head, a pudicat or 2 and enough to eat...?! :ok::uhoh::sad:

11th Jun 2014, 00:17
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What's the service like in the park ?

11th Jun 2014, 00:51
Damn, I can hardly afford Wifi, how am I going to pay for sex?

11th Jun 2014, 11:04
What really pees me off about this article is that it infers everyone of my age - 70 - is an oldy. If I wrote here what I've done in the last month you'd be aghast. (And I would be (a) arrested, (b) pilloried and (c) divorced).

11th Jun 2014, 13:17
When you're only 66, 70 is old. ;)

(but check back with me in 4 years time)

Effluent Man
11th Jun 2014, 13:34
And when you are 62...

11th Jun 2014, 13:37
How hard is it for the vendor of those injections to take a bit of isopropyl alcohol, a clean swab, and wipe needle after each use. Can be carried in a small kit/pouch in the purse.

(Reference is to the "not quite Viagra" injections being purveyed by these ladies to the old men who'd like a little lead in their pencil before proceeding with the usual ... )