View Full Version : World Cup - HF frequency for commentary?

7th Jun 2014, 15:48
Anyone know of any HF frequencies that may broadcast commentary of the World Cup? (Europe)

7th Jun 2014, 17:35
BBC World Service may have the England games.

7th Jun 2014, 17:53
BBC World Service may have the England games.

Maybe - in previous years their coverage hasn't been great, in fact outside of the regular Saturday afternoon sports slot their live sports coverage is almost non existent - I'm not sure if that's for contractural or "cultural" :oh: reasons....

Anyhow just in case...

BBC World Service - Radio Frequency Guide (http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/schedules/frequencies/)

7th Jun 2014, 23:07
The broadcasting rights will have been sold with strict coverage limits - usually limited to individual countries. It's not likely that there will be HF transmissions other than brief news reports.

7th Jun 2014, 23:24
In the past when I wanted to listen to Socceroos football matches,
I looked on Google and found quite a few that either played the
video live or radio commentary.

And that is how I tend to listen to football matches now.

So might be worth a look on Google closer to the time.

8th Jun 2014, 02:33
TalkSport Radio will be broadcasting all games in the UK on 1089 khz; the transmissions will be available online www.talksport.com

8th Jun 2014, 03:01
There are many Spanish-speaking independent (and sometimes illegal!) SW broadcasting stations all over S. America. There will be at least a few relaying pirated live broadcasts to the locales which the stations serve- and that is the problem. Most of these are low-powered and their antennas either designed for local reception or so un-designed that you do good to hear them across town. HF being what it is these can be found if you know where and when to look and the ionosphere is cooperating.

It's been many years since I delved into this stuff and all my info has gone with dead hard drives since then, so the best I can offer you is to suggest you do some googling regarding pirate radio, futball, and maybe HF added in. I used to have forum access with the right folks who could give you an answer but having been absent for too long I got locked out, the owner changed their private email addy, and one does not normally get in there without recommendation anyway. Some looking around may also bring you an English speaking broadcast, but your best bet will be finding a torrent feed on the web.

As a Radio Ham I cannot officially abide illegal broadcasting and torrent feeds, but if it's done well and not hurting anyone.....