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7th Jun 2014, 05:57
Good idea, bad idea? Begs the question as to why people can't just be a little more courteous on flights that can be miserable at the best of times!

Legroom wars: the device that stops plane seats reclining - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/travelnews/10881437/Legroom-wars-the-device-that-stops-plane-seats-reclining.html)

The Knee Defender safeguards precious legroom by preventing the seat in front of you from reclining any further. Consisting of two plastic clips which are placed at the top of either arm of the tray table, the miniature device keeps the seat in front of you locked in place.

The pocket-size gadget can also be adjustable according to how much you want to allow the seat in front of you to recline. The closer each clip is placed to the back of the seat, the less the seat will be able to move. The tiny device is about the same size as a house key and is made with “specially shaped grooves” to fit the different seats and tray table found on a variety of planes.


7th Jun 2014, 06:13
More on it here?

Knee Defenders: Will your flight turn into a fight? | Plane Talking (http://blogs.crikey.com.au/planetalking/2014/05/19/knee-defenders-two-plastic-clips-could-turn-flights-into-fights/)

7th Jun 2014, 06:16
I wonder how well those knee defenders work when I personally confront the idjut behind me? :eek:

I normally look behind me before I recline the seat and sometimes I make eye contact, then I recline the seat gently. No complaints ever made towards me by doing this.

If the person in front of me is being overly selfish then grabbing/knocking their headrest as an excuse to getting up to go to the bathroom seems to upset them plenty.

Now if you want an extra inch of legroom then get to your seat early and offload all that rubbish in the front seat pouch to the seat next to you.

Standard Noise
7th Jun 2014, 06:20
Imagine my unbridled joy when I read earlier this week that one of our airlines has decided to replace their reclining seats, allegedly to prevent trouble on their flights from irate SLF. Then I read it was Monarch and realised 'nope, never have and probably never will.' Ho hum!

7th Jun 2014, 08:33
SN - glad to hear that about the seats - Mrs UFO has just booked us on a Monarch flight.

7th Jun 2014, 08:35
I just wonder about the legal aspect of this device. Also, if the passenger in the seat you have just modified calls the FAs attention to the situation wouldn't she/he make you remove the clips?