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6th Jun 2014, 08:23
I can see why the Roman Empire collapsed now.

I had to go through this ridiculous UK License Verification system, actually it is the 2nd time. This time was even more ludicrous and lengthy.

for those new to this you send a form giving permission for either Airline
or Authority to email the UKCAA aka Belgrano to get your License verified.
Oh yes its 44 pounds please as well.

I Sent a form via tracked mail from another Country more than 1 month ago.
They charged me and still dont email the Authority here. Dont care as got a better offer luckily. In the meantime sent a recorded delivery to them as no doubt they will try to deny this.

UK CAA is a disgrace you try to call and some Boyscout answers who clearly does not care. You email and no one replies. I hope they are reading this as they wont like what comes from me next.

Get your S$$t together For F555 sake please CAA for the luv of God. you are a laughing stock.

Regulation 6
6th Jun 2014, 09:01
I'm not usually a defender of the CAA, but I went to the Belgrano recently to get a new EASA Licence / rating and I got really good service from very polite and professional staff.

Maybe I was just lucky?


6th Jun 2014, 10:12
CAA ? - they're all the same, CAA, AXA-PPP, Natwest, think of any large organisation - all the same, Worldwide.

It's the same mentality that I faced yesterday ( think metric ) I purchased an item for $15.89 and presented a $20 note and a $1 dollar coin, to avoid getting a pocket full of shrapnel change, i.e.1 $5 and 1 $10 note and a 10c coin change. ( NZ has no shrapnel under 10c - rounds up or down )

I was told that I couldn't do that, the $1 coin was of no use, if I wanted to present coins I had to give 90c.

I kid you not that it took 10 minutes of queue wasting time, entering my presented money into the till/calculating machine bore no fruit, acquisition of an electronic calculator was equally useless until help was summoned and the neddy behind the counter was told to give me $15.10 change and "they" would sort it out later.

One could weep.

6th Jun 2014, 15:16
You can do it by email.

Even if you can't print to paper and don't have a scanner if you print to a normal PDF using CutePDF print driver then edit it and add the signature in. Then print the edited form out again and send via email or online fax service it used to work.

But the whole hassle of it all, its a s if they want to screw up all ex-pats working.

There are digital services in the UK which can print a form and then sign your signature with a pen then post as you wish.

So it doesn't matter what red tape hurdles they decide is necessary pilots will always find a way to get around them.

7th Jun 2014, 04:38
So it doesn't matter what red tape hurdles they decide is necessary pilots will always find a way to get around them.

Like the paper-clip to short out the TV / Paybox cable in some hotels, so that one could watch the porno. movies without being charged !

Good wheez, that.

7th Jun 2014, 10:25
Also putting a choke washer in the shower to limit the amount of water you use. 2mins with a leatherman and you can have a Hollywood shower instead of a dribbling luke warm one.

Putting you all next to each other then only one room pays for internet then sets up a private Wifi network so the others can use it.

Using a remote dial tone to dial a number to bypass the billing system.

it doesn't matter what they do to stop crew doing certain things within 24hours someone will have found a way round it.