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mr fish
3rd Jun 2014, 17:48
karl harris, three times british supersport champion killed this afternoon after a collision with another rider on the mountain section of the isle of man tt.

a proper biking legend and gent.....R.I.P.

3rd Jun 2014, 18:03
Sad, RIP.

Hope this doesn't cause any changes.

One question - I thought only one rider was allowed on the
track at a time to stop collisions ?

Or have I got that wrong ?

3rd Jun 2014, 18:20
That is so sad he was a lovely lad hard as nails IIRC he used to do boxing.

3rd Jun 2014, 19:08
The course is 37.7 miles long, they leave one at a time but do pass each other due to speed differences.

It's something to see on TV. Stood a few feet from them passing at 150+ is :cool:

Don't think there is ever a year a life isn't lost. There was another at the North West 200 a couple of weeks back.


Nervous SLF
3rd Jun 2014, 20:36
I had the great privilege to be a scrutineer in 1979 and 1980 and I got the autograph of the late great M.Hailwood on my armband.
Still have it by the way

3rd Jun 2014, 20:42
The Isle of Man where men are, well bloody men, and we can only hope to be as good..!


3rd Jun 2014, 21:18
They leave at 10 second intervals.
I was there in 1967 for the Senior TT when Hailwood and Agostini had their epic battle. A few years later I had the opportunity to give Hailwood a Coke when he retired his Surtees F1 car at Watkins Glen, sadly I never got his autograph.

4th Jun 2014, 01:11
A sad day, specially for his family and friends. Karl has been a great competitor for many years.

The TT is unique, and it an event that I hope endures forever. It is an opportunity for participants to do what they are committed to, knowing the risks, but choosing to take them on. This year the ultimate lap record was broken, and stands now at an AVERAGE speed of over 132 mph (over 210 kph). Here's a 2 min video from that lap:

4th Jun 2014, 01:55
mrsr1 was transfixed by Bruce Anstey's ride - and how he managed to stay on the machine. Karl's death is a reminder of how just how mortal these guys are. RIP sir ....

Art Smass
4th Jun 2014, 02:45
Was lucky enough to go to the TT way back in '74 - the most spectacular and exciting bike riding you will ever see.

Vale Karl Harris - these guys are the bravest of the brave in the sporting world - and generally most approachable and more than willing to talk and sign autograph's etc.


4th Jun 2014, 08:09
Those riders are brave beyond words.

RIP Karl Harris. :(

Nervous SLF
4th Jun 2014, 08:55
Bob Price, from Stroud, Gloucestershire, died in a crash at Ballaugh on the third lap of the 37.5 mile (60 km) Mountain course earlier.
Organiser ACU Events said the 65-year-old was an experienced road racer and an investigation into the accident was under way.

Mr Price, a car body repair shop owner, first competed at the TT in 1992, ACU Events said.


Ascend Charlie
4th Jun 2014, 10:09
They must know the route in intimate detail - I am flabbergasted how they can anticipate the corners and speed changes by looking ahead at that little light at the end of the tunnel.

North Shore
4th Jun 2014, 21:04
Sad days at the TT, indeed. Somehow the "he died doing what he loved" doesn't seem to cut it...
But, it's a glorious spectacle of man and machine...