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31st May 2014, 10:10
Dog Poop On Plane Prompts Emergency Landing For US Airways Flight (http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/05/30/dog-poop-us-airways-flight_n_5419817.html)

Oh this made me laugh.

tony draper
31st May 2014, 10:39
Feckin idiots and they are the descendents of the hardy people who made their way across the great plains and mountains to the west and settled a wilderness?
One despairs.

31st May 2014, 10:48
Assuming it was a guide dog for a blind person,I would have thought a 'containment vessel' ( doggy diaper) would be mandatory.

31st May 2014, 11:09
I suspect it was a federal agent that shat on the floor. Quite why government dogs should be special I don't know.

And blind dogs are lovely never had a problem with them on board, they are allowed to be uncontained.

The others go in carriers and in the hold or if small enough and it has a transport bag with absorbent they can stay with the punter if space allows.

Only dog I have allowed to be uncontained was an ex guide dog who had retired which I knew. He knew exactly where he was going as he always had, went for a pee on the main gear before getting on, then curled up in his row after getting his ears played with after having his pee.

This is on flights which are max 2 hours.

Had a cat get loose from a carrier once, ended up on the FO's knees asleep. Submitted a safety report as you do. And the reply from the fleet office was "that's the first pussy he hasn't paid for that's sat on his lap for a while". Harsh but fair was his reply.

Takan Inchovit
31st May 2014, 11:14
Pushing a lawn mower through it would have easily dispersed the offending matter. I do it every weekend.

31st May 2014, 11:23
US Airways says the animal was a service dog.

Before the flight took off, it was delayed for two hours on the tarmac in Los Angeles due to fuel problems, which added to the dog not being able to hold it in.

31st May 2014, 11:25
Sounds like someone fed it the US airways in flight catering as well if it shat an alien onto the floor.

31st May 2014, 12:49
From Mr D's comment I think he's been watching Mr Mears :ok:

Lon More
31st May 2014, 13:25
Quite why government dogs should be special I don't know.

drugs/money/firearms/explosives sniffer dogs, or maybe even one that locates bodies?

31st May 2014, 15:58
yes good dogs at there jobs, but why they shouldn't be boxed and loaded like every other dog apart from highly trained dogs for the blind?

The guide dogs get clipped down by their harness to the seat root. I had never been told about this until a blind person showed me how it worked. not that it would have gone far anyway as it is jammed in between two seats and is under the legs of its owner.

Apart from anything else they are loose objects in the cabin and a danger to flight safety. They would be safer and less likely to sustain injury themselves in the box as well.