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28th May 2014, 17:20
Might be of interest, given the 70th anniversary is coming up:

METEO FRANCE - Suivez toute l'actualité de Météo-France (http://www.meteofrance.fr/web/comprendre-la-meteo/actualites?articleId=7222002)

Also French lunchtime TV (FR2 and FR3) is already covering the run-up to next weeks events - today John M. Steele got a mention on FR2, and the Mulberry Harbours on FR3.

28th May 2014, 18:06
Concerning the poor and incipient weather forecasted for next week's 70th D-Day commemorations, I can only suggest that our own Keef (gets off his arse) and prepares a suitable prayer which we can all recite in our own prayers over the next week or so. Something along the lines of this (skip to 1:12 minutes into the video - sorry, only clip I could find):

A movie you should watch #2 Patton - YouTube

(airship speaking for Patton) :O

28th May 2014, 18:35
I can thoroughly recommend this play, which is on at Chichester for the next month:

PRESSURE | Shows, Productions, Summer Season, Programme, | Chichester Festival Theatre (http://www.cft.org.uk/pressure)

31st May 2014, 15:26
I watched a French TV documentary (FR3 Thalassa) yesterday evening 30/05 commemorating the 70th anniversary of D-DAY.

What makes this production very special IMHO, is how they've brought together what is a truly "International effort of parties with often limited resources", to demonstrate what the Normandy landings represented, in terms of technology, pre-planning and results back then, using the modern computer technologies available to us ca. 2014, to better explain the enormity of D-DAY today: incorporating the input from official archives including designs and plans; from the real descendents of the designers behind the landing craft, the "Mulberry harbours" etc.; from veterans and witnesses still alive today who were able to revisit undersea wrecks from which they survived using the submarines and ROVs available; and perhaps most importantly, DASSALT SYSTEM's extraordinary computer technologies to accumulate data from plans, real objects etc., and then to reproduce these in 3D simulations, which are convincingly realistic for all of us to better appreciate D-DAY.

A shame that it's all just in French so far (presumably, efforts are underway to produce other versions even as I write?). Meanwhile, I invite you to visit:

Thalassa : tout sur l'émission, news et vidéos en replay - France 3 (http://www.france3.fr/emissions/thalassa)
D-DAY - L'événement | D-DAY (http://www.france3.fr/emissions/thalassa/d-day/)

Or watch the whole program which I watched in French (may not work depending on your location) here (http://pluzz.francetv.fr/videos/thalassa_,102747179.html). NB. You'll have to endure about 2 minutes of French TV advertising before the whole 2 hour video appears (without further interruption though).

31st May 2014, 16:26
I seem to have read somewhere that HMS Belfast fired the opening salvoes on D-Day. Have not confirmed that but find it interesting in that she is tied up on the Thames for millions to see everyday.

31st May 2014, 16:44
I also watched it last night, and I strongly second airship's recommendation : watch it if you can one way or another.

Lon More
31st May 2014, 21:06
Also from France, the Dassault Systemes (http://www.3ds.com/dday) page is worth looking at.

4th Jun 2014, 20:43
Today is Wednesday, 4th June 2014. The day after tomorrow (Friday 6th June) will be the 70th commemoration of the D-DAY Normandy landings.

Almost everyone, including notably Queen Elizabeth II, current US President Barack Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin and even the current German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Most notably absent, will be most of those who actually partook. It was a long time ago. And despite all the developments in medicines and longevity in our modern age etc...

Despite all their (often ultimate) sacrifices (not that they or anyone were ever given much choice about anything back in 1944), ca. 2014, one wonders how they might see the upcoming commemorations in view of today's circumstances? As I write:

1) The UK is on the verge of "self-destruction". Thanks to David Cameron, UKIP etc., Scotland might leave the UK. And the UK leave the EU.

2) The Soviets are no longer considered our allies against the common enemy.

I could go on...?! But the 6th June 2014 is not about us, it's about them. Wishing everyone attending the 6th June 2014 70th commemorations fair weather and blue skies:

Vera Lynn - (There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover - YouTube

4th Jun 2014, 21:46

D-Day should have been on June 3rd.

Are you sure about that? Most histories I've seen state the date was driven by a need for at least a first quarter Moon (Navy/Airborne forces requirement) and a low but rising tide on the beaches at first light (assault requirement). I believe that gave Eisenhower the option of the 5th, 6th and 7th. He initially went with the 5th but as we now know had to delay 24 hours because of the weather. You are quite right that the airborne met observations were absolutely crucial to the decision making.

On another subject (and sort of back where we started) whilst French TV news coverage of the run up to Friday's events continues to be good the continual emphasis on the American Beaches, G.I's and Kieefer's commandos, to pretty much the exclusion of anything else was starting to wear a bit thin....I was glad to see that at last lunchtime news finally decided to mention the three eastern beaches and the fact that the Brits and Canadians were there to lend a hand......:bored:

Meanwhile, 70 years ago this very evening, at Upottery, Devon ....

"The C.Q. stuck his head in the air and screamed deliriously "They called it off! They called it off! No jump tonight! Too much wind! Yippee!"
Yelling and laughing like idiots, we leaped from our cots, incoherent with joy, and danced wildly on the sod floor. Men ran from tent to tent shaking hands and slapping backs and screaming at the top of their lungs. The reprieve had come to the death house"

....from "Parachute Infantry" by David Kenyon Webster, 101st Airborne

5th Jun 2014, 10:15
A Piper J3 Cub with Normandy invasion stripes flew over the top about half an hour ago. Probably out of Avignon/Caumont.

I wonder if he ever meets up with the guy who flies a Fieseler Storch (replica?) from a farm strip nearby at Coustellet? ;)