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Effluent Man
28th May 2014, 07:19
The talking heads telling me there has been an increase.30% admit to racial prejudice.I do wonder how much is "racial" and how much cultural/religious.
As a male professional mentioned as being one of the main reasons for the increase I look for a reason behind this.They say "Since 2001"..I wonder what happened in 2001?

28th May 2014, 07:47
Largely caused by the actions of the PC goody goodies who foment polarisation in society with their PC crap about how we 'mustn't mention Christmas in front of our Muslim colleagues', 'mustn't refer to someone as black or Indian', etc. By accentuating differences they have polarised society and increased feelings of negativity towards those who are 'different'.

28th May 2014, 07:50
Interesting article in the Telegraph about the rising anger in the UK.

28th May 2014, 08:23
Is this the one 500N ?

Euro-federalists have created precisely the angry nationalism they kept warning against ? Telegraph Blogs (http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/danielhannan/100273542/euro-federalists-have-created-precisely-the-angry-nationalism-they-kept-warning-against/)

west lakes
28th May 2014, 10:28
And this is ..... ?

BBC News - Nelson 'Pakistani only' To Let sign removed (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-27594382)

Effluent Man
28th May 2014, 10:29
I must say that pre 2001 I wasn't really aware that Islam existed,let alone might become a problem.I think 9/11 highlighted it for me.

28th May 2014, 10:43
And this is ..... ?

BBC News - Nelson 'Pakistani only' To Let sign removed (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-27594382)

Inspector Paul Goodall, of Lancashire Constabulary, confirmed the sign was investigated as a potential "racist incident", but no crime had been committed.Of course, Inspector. Substitute the word "Pakistani" for "White" and let us know what your reaction would be?

28th May 2014, 10:54

No, this is the one I was talking about.

I hadn't seen your one. Will go and have a read.

The rise of Ukip shows Britain is full of anger and must change - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/10858452/The-rise-of-Ukip-shows-Britain-is-full-of-anger-and-must-change.html)

28th May 2014, 11:01
It's not what you say, it is the way you say it!

Ancient Observer
28th May 2014, 11:39
It is not just using words like the N and W word that is verboten.

I suspect it is also verboten to call people shirt lifters, even though it is in the dictionary.

I thought it was just the Jews that had such a hard time!!

28th May 2014, 11:42
I'm not racially prejudiced. I just hate all ...

You missed out Frogs, Krauts, Micks, Septics and Ivans.

28th May 2014, 12:00
It's true, I have to admit Whitey has been getting on my tits more and more lately ..

28th May 2014, 12:08
Don't worry, it's everywhere. At least the Cold War during my formative years was a politically ideological 'war', various western governments didn't ply the 'Race' card, they played the 'Red' card. This is not the case today. Australia's policy on illegal immigrants has changed massively since 9/11...for example. It comes from the top.

28th May 2014, 13:49
Pope rumoured to be 'a catholic'.

Bears alleged to have been 'using woods as lavatories'.

Really, what precisely, do our half- wit, completely out of touch, wankbag pollies expect?

Do what we want boys, not what YOU want.:mad:

28th May 2014, 13:55
The fundamental problem is political correctness, which effectively says you have to be nice to everyone who is in a minority (except white males).

Well, as I was told by a disabled person about equality, some people in wheelchairs are just arseholes. There is nothing in law or nature that means a mentally deficient person can't also be a bigot, or a deaf person can't be a miserable bastard. Even if you were able to magically cure their disability tomorrow, they'd still be a miserable bastard.

Life of Brian - Alms for an ex Leper - YouTube

In short, not everyone in a minority is nice, or even law abiding. Political Correctness has been accurately described as the belief that it is possible to pick up a turd by the clean end, and is therefore rank idiocy.
Furthermore, a failure to correct the minority within a minority who are extremist/criminal tends to both increase their number and their degree of extremism/criminality. This is Sociology 101.

Now the upshot of PC is that all people in a particular group tend to get treated, not nicely, but the same way. Also, it become politically unacceptable to investigate crimes commited by minorities. Eventually, and it's happening now, certain minorities come to be hated because they have bad elements, do not self-police, and aren't being policed properly.

I'm intelligent and considerate. I don't regard all muslims as hateful. I've met some very nice muslims from the Maldives and we got on brilliantly. I don't hate all Pakistanis in the UK. (I've met a Christian one!). But none of that changes the fact that the vast majority of the Pakistani muslims I have met in the UK have absolutely no intention of adopting British values, or of obeying the law with regard to a very large number of matters which conflict with Sharia. Some of these are fundamental, including segregation, racism, mistreatment of women, suppression of religious freedom, etc.

So, to be clear, I am against anyone who breaks laws, and principles of fairness and equality. This includes over 90% of the UK Pakistani muslims I have met, but not because of their race or religion per se. Let's face it, they don't have a great track record in their country of cultural origin.
It also includes all the PC types who are stopping the justice system doing something about it.
There's another point the PC crowd seem incapable of realising; you can't force somebody to like someone else. Civility and equality in public life are right and proper, but not social preference.

28th May 2014, 14:15
Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson also received complaints, and condemned the sign as "deeply offensive"
It might have been inappropriate but I would hardly call it "deeply offensive".

Inspector Paul Goodall, of Lancashire Constabulary, confirmed the sign was investigated as a potential "racist incident", but no crime had been committed.
Well, according to the Equality act, an offence had been committed.
13 Direct discrimination.
(1)A person (A) discriminates against another (B) if, because of a protected characteristic, A treats B less favourably than A treats or would treat others.

28th May 2014, 14:26
Definitely agree that racial prejudice is on the increase. It's well illustrated by the advertising campaign here below. It's all a jolly good thing or we'd have all sorts of people walking around Doha looking thoroughly unsavoury and upsetting the locals by their very presence. Just imagine for a moment what would happen if you substituted Scunthorpe or Clapham for Qatar, not an amusing thought at all!

28th May 2014, 14:26
Well, as I was told by a disabled person about equality, some people in wheelchairs are just arseholes.

As soon as I read that I thought of the Paul Hogan film "Almost an angel"
Jump to about 3:40 into the clip.
Almost an Angel: Clip - YouTube

28th May 2014, 15:04

"This is not the case today. Australia's policy on illegal immigrants has changed massively since 9/11...for example. It comes from the top."

Only because of what we want which was caused by a major change in circumstances - numbers, reason for the (illegal) immigrants etc.
Australia is not anti immigration, just anti Economic Asylum Seekers.

Effluent Man
28th May 2014, 15:54
Lone Ranger,
No I'm not under 35,but what I meant was that I was more or less unaware of religion per se,being an atheist.It just didn't affect me in any way whatsoever.After 9/11 of course the upsurge in security meant that we had to be aware of it.For most ordinary people this is what defines their experience of Islam and quite understandably they do tend to resent it.

28th May 2014, 16:39
Fox 3.

It's interesting that you had to 'validate' your comment about some disabled people being arseholes, by pointing out it was said by a disabled person.

In other words, be it so ever gently, you have succumbed yourself, to PC-itis.;)

Now, I'm sure that what you say is true, and that the comment was uttered by a disabled person...

But do you see my point? It somehow makes it more valid coming from him, than from a non- disabled person.

The truth is, either party could have said it, and either persons comment ought to carry the same weight.

In a non pc world, that's how it should be.

Just a thought....:)

28th May 2014, 16:46
except perhaps for right wing Americans, who have always been very racially and culturally biased).

As demonstrated by the political leanings of American and European governments of late, I would posit that "conservatives" are a minority.

Therefore, I demand an investigation, an apology, and compensation for this slur. My human, emotional rights have been violated.

Not to mention the irony of a stereotype being described in a PC-based thread.

28th May 2014, 16:47
Do you suppose that Paul Hogan bit would work every time or about as often as pilot skill successfully avoids crashing into schoolyards ?

flying lid
28th May 2014, 17:18

28th May 2014, 17:22
Atomkraft -fair point, although I mentioned it because I had assumed, up to that point, that disabled people's apparent character defects were due to their condition. It was only after he mentioned it that I realised he was right. So, an explanation rather than a justification, though I didn't make that clear - sorry.
No intention to be PC, nor do I think subconsciously I am.

Flying Lid -:D:D:D

barry lloyd
28th May 2014, 17:33
https://mg.mail.yahoo.com/ya/download?mid=2%5f0%5f0%5f1%5f104617%5fAJpUfbwAABMcU4NEygAAAM QiOqs&pid=2.2&fid=Inbox&inline=1&appid=YahooMailNeo

01904 is the UK dialling code for York, UK.

28th May 2014, 18:26

"I don't think it will take too much for people to start taking action, and I believe that within the next ten years a European country will have a "Kristallnacht" style event."

I have said that quite a few times before and got shouted down every time on the basis people won't take the law into their own hands. I disagree, I think if the pollies don't listen, pressure will build and then one day it will explode - just like the riots in Croydon.

And I am not just talking about the UK, it could well occur in Europe and Aus. We have already had young Aussies loudly but non violently protest here against a certain race. The next step isn't too far.

28th May 2014, 18:30
It's got sod all to do with racism and everything to do with people seeing their space invaded and their customs subjugated to suit those of others. Many parts of European cities are overcrowded and getting worse, and we all know what happens when animals/people are forced into too little space.

It will all flare up and it will be very ugly.

The 'newcomers' are the scapegoats and the trigger, obviously, but it's not a race issue. The number of people who are truly racist in the real sense of the word is very small and bears little relation to those who throw the race card around with such freedom.

28th May 2014, 18:52
Probably worth linking to Enoch Powell's speech at this point. He may have got the timing a bit wrong, and the exact countries wrong, but it is hard to find inconsistencies in the logic.

Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/3643823/Enoch-Powells-Rivers-of-Blood-speech.html)

But while, to the immigrant, entry to this country was admission to privileges and opportunities eagerly sought, the impact upon the existing population was very different. For reasons which they could not comprehend, and in pursuance of a decision by default, on which they were never consulted, they found themselves made strangers in their own country.
They found their wives unable to obtain hospital beds in childbirth, their children unable to obtain school places, their homes and neighbourhoods changed beyond recognition, their plans and prospects for the future defeated; at work they found that employers hesitated to apply to the immigrant worker the standards of discipline and competence required of the native-born worker; they began to hear, as time went by, more and more voices which told them that they were now the unwanted.

..and whilst we're at it


28th May 2014, 19:28

Interesting you mention the Iranian revolution. That was when it first hit me.
I used to read more than most kids my age but the other reason was, my father was traveling to Iran mid 70's to set up a plant at Isfahan, then as it was getting close, bang, they pulled out. The Iranian revolution then occurred a bit later.

As a result, my father was sent out to Australia so you might say it benefited me !

Re "Also interesting how most Australians, in here at least seem to take a very American......centric view on world politics, shows how geographic location can sometimes have little bearing on political leanings"

I think maybe most Aussies on here are probably widely read and widely traveled compared to most Aussies. Re political leanings, similar to everywhere else, 50/50 left, right with it moving (jumping) to the right in the last year.

28th May 2014, 19:33
It would be interesting to know the make-up of the survey participants.

Was it a true representative of the cultural make-up? If so, you can argue that the ethnic portion are just as racist. (yes I know that I'm not allowed to say that:hmm:)

Of course if it was made up of just white British, then the survey was racist itself...

28th May 2014, 19:39
Other races / ethnicities are just often more racists.

Aboriginals over here being one but I could look at others
around the world that really are.

On the other hand, we have very integrated cultures / races here.

29th May 2014, 00:00
Here we have a thread about prejudice and someone (one of our usual anti-US suspects) posts this;

except perhaps for right wing Americans, who have always been very racially and culturally biased

A bigoted and prejudiced post.

Just love it. :ok:

29th May 2014, 00:04
But, you forget, the left are allowed to do that.

They talk about every minorities human rights except those that they trample on by completely changing the way of life, often the whites !

But that's OK, it gives them a "feel good" factor of 10 so they are happy !

29th May 2014, 03:26
Most folks don't know that it was Republicans (America's right wing) who were formed as a party to end slavery, and won the election of 1860 putting Abraham Lincoln in the White House. It was the Republican Party that fought the Civil War.

Later, in my generation, the Republican Party passed the Civil Rights Act over the strenuous objections of the Democrat Party (America's left wing).

Republicans are about equality. Democrats are about identity.

29th May 2014, 04:14
When I moved back to London (UK) in about 1965 most of my friends and most of those I knew older than myself expressed serious misgivings about the changes to the British culture brought by East Indian and West Indian immigrants. Driving through Brixton or Southall was an experience.

They weren't necessarily racist, they just wondered what was happening to their country and whether they were going to live out thier lives next door to those with whom they shared a culture or they were going to live in a Jamaican or Pakistani colony.

I don't think that proportion has changed much, but the 'left' managed to suppress protest with cries of "racist" every time someone asked for reasoned debate.

Finally the majority are running out of patience.

29th May 2014, 04:17

I remember Birmingham changing the same way with the same cultures !

Krystal n chips
29th May 2014, 06:04
" I don't think it will take too much for people to start taking action, and I believe that within the next ten years a European country will have a "Kristallnacht" style event. Parties on the right will continue to make gains as they are the only ones actually listening to the concerns of the electorate. "

Oh, how sweet.....we do have some deeply entrenched optimistic ideals for nostalgic bigotry within us, now don't we.

29th May 2014, 06:09

Well, you have black and white youths knifing people in the UK,
you have a certain culture here in Aus that rapes, assaults and kills
white women.

Yep, it is alive and well.

And as the other poster said, one day everyone will get sick of it and bang, the shyte will hit the fan, people will lose any inhibitions of acting like them and you know the rest !

Croydon was a precursor and we all know how the Police couldn't handle that.

29th May 2014, 06:19
you have a certain culture here in Aus that rapes, assaults and kills
white women.

Unm wouldn't that be Australian culture as well? If you are going to generalise. If you want to say things like that without appearing pretty racist yourself, perhaps

"you have a certain culture here in Aus that rapes, assaults and kills white women, statistically per population more frequently than other cultures. And here are the stats to prove it........


might be more PC ;)

29th May 2014, 06:22
Only, Lebos, as is Lebanese Muslims.

They aren't the only one's but the one's they do are particularly nasty,
violent and degrading.

29th May 2014, 06:25
Yeah I know the feeling. I feel the same disgust, for different reasons, for bloody 10£ Poms...You are all the same, go back where you came from.

29th May 2014, 06:28

Go jump in a lake, I've done my time. In any case the Gov't gave me citizenship with no waiting period ;)

In any case, I am not a 10 pound Pom !

Oh, and 10 pound Pom's don't "hunt their victims on the basis of their ethnicity and
subject them to hours of degrading, dehumanising torture." like Lebos do !

29th May 2014, 06:51
Oh...so defensive! And abusive!! In a lake?!?!

It's ok, I wasn't talking about 'you' personally, I was talking about 'you' as a 'culture'. And I don't need to explain why, maybe I had a loved one raped, abused and murdered by a pack of drunken Liverpool supporters, maybe I just don't like 'you' in my country. Maybe I think that piece of paper you claim means something means as much as toilet roll to me as far as being 'Australian'.

Surely that position is as acceptable to you as your position should be to me, no?

p.s maybe I'm a naturalised Lebanese Muslim.

29th May 2014, 06:57
Actually the piece of paper doesn't mean that much to me, I have things from my time in the Army that mean much more to me because I was doing something for this country.

Your position is fine by me, no problems with it :ok:

"p.s maybe I'm a naturalised Lebanese Muslim."
Well, if you are, so be it. I have a few Lebanese people I know, they are Leb Christians and even they raise eyebrows at the Leb Muslims.

29th May 2014, 07:05
Your position is fine by me, no problems with it :ok:

Sweet!!! I'll slacken my stance a little for you personally and say that I hope 'my' position doesn't become the position of the majority. For your sake. Because I like you :-) The mob would be happy not to have to chase you!

29th May 2014, 07:11

"The mob would be happy not to have to chase you!"

They might get one hell of a shock if they do ;)

29th May 2014, 07:14
I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say

The first 2 or 3..

29th May 2014, 07:17

You have lost me.

Send me a PM if to explain what you mean if you want
so we don't clog the whole thread up.

29th May 2014, 08:45
Its ok mate, I'm done. I don't have any problems with poor Pommies, 10£ or otherwise ;) I do admit taking a perverse pleasure in watching Poms continue to be rubbish at every sport they've ever invented, but thats probably my convict streak coming out ;)

I was simply playing the Devils advocate, that's all. If you felt even a little uncomfortable reading any of that then my job is done. If not, and you still don't 'get it', just forget it all, you never will.

29th May 2014, 08:51
Hang about, hempy, we Jocks are world champions at elephant polo, I'll have you know! ;)

29th May 2014, 08:51
As an aside I was doing some research into the US Navy and came across a site which had interesting info for newly commissioned officers. From it I learned that when you "cross the line" for the first time you are no longer a "polliwog" but a "shellback". I think polliwog is an old word for a tadpole, but you don't hear it much here these days!

Incidentally Hempy my niece, who emigrated to Oz to join her daughter and family a couple of years back when she retired is a 30,000 pom. That in round figures is how much her resident's visa/permit/whatever cost her.

Wonder how much we'd charge an Aussie to come here?

29th May 2014, 09:12

Er, remember the 2003 rugby wold cup ?

We as in aus lost to England !

Re 2 of 3, you were saying I'd probably take 2 or 3 down before gage mob got me ?

That sounds about right in Monet terms.

tony draper
29th May 2014, 09:35
During the fifteenth and sixteenth century about 250,000 Huguenots migrated to this country,the population of these islands then was about 5,000,000,so plenty of room forrem,the population of this country now is the thick end of 70,000,000,we are full up, the fat lady has sang,there is not now and never will be again enough cake to go round.
When you allow in those kind of numbers on a yearly basis not over a century? resentment turning into racism? of course it does and has,all the fluffy hand wringing and media social engineering and woe is me ism will not stop it.
This country is headed full tilt for a dark time, due to the stupidity and short sightedness of those who govern us.

29th May 2014, 09:56
lol no I meant the first 2 or 3 might 'get a shock' ;)

29th May 2014, 10:00
Mr D, you may have my slice of cake. Not much of a cake fan, me.

29th May 2014, 10:00
Wonder how much we'd charge an Aussie to come here?

Yeah wouldn't worry about that too much mate, I don't reckon you'd make much anyway if you did! Nice little earner for us though, thanks! :D

29th May 2014, 10:30

Er, remember the 2003 rugby wold cup ?

We as in aus lost to England !

Of course, my apologies! My ancient history is slipping :( While we are on the subject of English domination, how could I forget the 2005 Ashes?? That was so expected they handed out MBE's!! True story!!! :rolleyes:

I think last white-wash we got drunk for a day and got ready for the T20's :zzz:

29th May 2014, 10:42
That's Australia's problem. It mistakes sport & drink for culture. :)

29th May 2014, 10:45
You might call it a problem mate, we aren't pretentious enough to attempt to call it anything other than a sensational lifestyle :)

29th May 2014, 11:04

Yes, the Ashes, kind of wiped that from my memory !
Then again, I've seen Aus Cricket go up and down so many times
it's like a yo yo ! (All the way back to the Windies smashing us !)

The upper class in the UK do exactly the same, the only difference being
they have the sense to do it behind closed doors ;)
Officer Dining in nights are just as D&d as OR's Dining in nights !

29th May 2014, 13:41
This woman has only had her Golliwog museum open for a few days - and I hate those black dolls already ... :E ;)

Toodyay woman defends decision to set up golliwog museum (http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/toodyay-woman-defends-decision-to-set-up-golliwog-museum-20140529-zrrl0.html#poll)

29th May 2014, 14:59
Hempy - well I wont be following her - even if you paid me the 30k

Extracts from the relatives' (translation "rellies") FB page:

This is us in the pool

This is us in the pool again

This is the dog in the pool

This is us at the beach

and er - well that's about it

I realise that you all love this sun/pool/beach/barbie/sport lifestyle but frankly it would bore me to tears in a fortnight, so I'll save my 30k

Incidentally I did have a good Aussie mate here a few years back but he went home when his visa ran out. He was a museum curator who couldn't name one member of the cricket team. My sort of Aussie. Clive James is another but he's been here over 40 years so I reckon we can claim he's been pretty well naturalised ;)

29th May 2014, 15:42
Hempy - ...

Incidentally I did have a good Aussie mate here a few years back but he went home when his visa ran out. He was a museum curator who couldn't name one member of the cricket team. My sort of Aussie. Clive James is another but he's been here over 40 years so I reckon we can claim he's been pretty well naturalised ;)

But you can keep Rolph Harris.

29th May 2014, 17:58
Racism is alive and flourishing in the US, but for the most part, whites are the targets. Examples of our Prez and Atty Genl jumping into local criminal cases where they had no business commenting are numerous, and of course one of the most prominent race baiters, the so-called Rev Sharpton has only to raise his voice, and corporations and governments at all level tremble.

One of the side effects of the Political Correctness here has been the failure of media to adequately inform society of very real dangers. A person will be routinely attacking and raping, beating or killing defenseless people in NYC, and the description of said individual will include the clothing which can be discarded in a half moment, but NOT the color of the skin.

[Am waiting for someone to decree that in the interest of fairness, elderly Asian Women should be stopped and questioned in equal numbers to young black men when searching for an assailant].

Over the recent holiday weekend, Fort Lauderdale was subject to a virtual riot during which the beaches and parking lots and nearby roads had to be shut down, and police from multiple departments responded in large numbers in riot gear to quell the fighting. Bricks were thrown at buses and drivers punched or cars jumped upon. HOWEVER, the media did not once mention the fact that all the rioters were black. It was apparently not considered relevant. Even the video clips were, for the most part, limited to the white policemen (and women) with their clubs and shields, but little or in some cases NO footage aired of the hundreds of rampaging individuals.

29th May 2014, 18:12
It's better to be correct, than politically correct.

Everyone knows this, apart from the PC brigade.


29th May 2014, 18:15
And that is failing to tell the story, which is what journalists should want and demand to be allowed to do.

Sanitizing reporting to obscure racial or religious elements serves no good purpose. It should not be embellished, steered or editorialized - just reported.

That's what the 1st Amendment intended.

CBS Miami's coverage of hundreds of black rampaging rioters, intentionally obscuring the racial makeup of the mob, was wrong.

29th May 2014, 18:16

Selective media reporting. We suffer the same here.

Although I think it has swung back the other way now.

Previously, we had a very PC Police commissioner who was right into
"community policing" and didn't want to offend anyone.

Now we have an old style police commissioner who pulls no punches,
with the community and the Police force - and has sacked a few !!!

29th May 2014, 18:28
Gotta love statistics, that poll involved interviewing 3244 people, which is 0.005 of the UK Population. They then extrapolate the third of that 3244 (about 1100) who admit to some level of racial predjudice,to represent a third of the UK population or 21,000,000 citizens (UK Pop..63m)
I know its all supposedly scientific and above board but really.....what a load of tosh. I notice none of the newspaper articles mention the size of the poll because that would minimise the impact they are trying to create.

29th May 2014, 18:44
Having checked their methods, the survey involved a face-to-face questionnaire taking over an hour at people's homes. The time range of visits was not given.
The questionnaire question on racism had the possible responses
Very prejudiced
A little prejudiced, or
Not prejudiced at all.

Now, who do you know who has over an hour spare to answer a questionnaire?

29th May 2014, 18:46
According to British Social Attitudes Survey .......

You may well be wondering how we carry out the survey and select our sample. Each year, addresses are randomly selected from the Post Office's postcode address file. We write to the inhabitants, and then it is up to our interviewers to knock on their doors and convince people to take part. We usually interview around 3,300 people each year. Once the survey is over we compare the profile of the people we have spoken to with the true demographic makeup of Britain (as recorded by the census) to make sure that our results are properly representative.

29th May 2014, 18:49
Im sorry but I fail to see how any amount of profile comparisons can make the answers given by 0.005 % of the population in any way representative of 63 million of us.

29th May 2014, 18:54
That makes two of us. I honestly believe it is too small a sample.

29th May 2014, 18:58
Reading this thread from the viewpoint of a WASP (white Anglo Saxon person) I would imagine that most of the posters on the thread are white and that most people reading the original news story would also think that the story applies to white people's attitude to 'foreigners.' I do wonder though how many of the people surveyed were of Asian, black or even eastern European origin and would be interested in seeing a break down of their racial prejudices. In my experience ethnic minorities can be among the most racist or prejudiced people that I've come across. Some Asian Hindus often detest Muslims of any background, whilst Asian Muslims also hate Asian Hindus. People of Indian origin seem to detest both Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Many Poles hate Asians...

Given the large increase in population since 2001 particularly from eastern Europe, and having a gut feeling that many of these are more racist than most white British people, then this might also contribute to the increase in prejudice shown in the survey.

Lastly I think that commentators need to differentiate between racism and the general exasperation that many native Brits feel about uncontrolled immigration. If we were racist then the BNP would have a lot more support than they have however the great exasperated population now has an outlet in the form of UKIP so they can stand up and say that they have had enough of immigration without being racist.

29th May 2014, 19:12
I lived in a community in California that was 10-15% Sikh. They were part of a subculture that had been settled in the region for generations, mostly as orchard operators.

I came to really like them and have said here before that the more Sikhs you have in your society, the better off you'll be. As far as I'm concerned, Sikh immigrations should be unrestricted as they will work hard, stay off welfare, contribute to the community, and be open to friendship. They raise wonderful children who compete as students with excellence.

One thing, though. In my experience, they universally and absolutely detest Muslims.

29th May 2014, 19:14
" One thing, though. In my experience, they universally and absolutely detest Muslims."

I'll remember that :ok:

29th May 2014, 19:27
Hell yes!
There's no reason other than race relations to have banned this pulchritudinous little thing from the show. Any male would be proud to champion her and tell her absolutely true and honest story.
Woman 'told to stop dancing at African arts festival because she is WHITE' in St Louis | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2642825/Woman-told-stop-dancing-African-arts-festival-WHITE.html)
As for the Sikhs, they are among the finest people in the world, no mean fighters too. They gave Britain her empire in India.

29th May 2014, 19:30

Well, we know where to go when we need an army ;) :ok:

tony draper
29th May 2014, 19:34
Agree 100% re Sikh folk,done quite a bit of work within the Sikh community over the years always found them fine honest people to deal with.

29th May 2014, 20:07
Google is, I suppose, one of the richest and most successful companies currently operating anywhere.

Got a snicker out of their 'diversity' breakout.

If governments wanted to bring them to heel, no need to levy multi million dollar fines on them. Merely compel them to bring their racial quotas up to what other companies have had to endure.

29th May 2014, 21:20
I was brung up back in the day when we were strictly Anglo Saxon. Learned all about that Harold bloke (as I went to school near Battle.) Learned all about Kings of England before and after William 1.

Was somewhat surprised to find out when I was in my thirties that Great, great . . . . . . . . grandfather was Huguenot, arrived late 17th Century. Grandmother was Italian. Probably about 1/100th A. Saxon then.

Never mind.

29th May 2014, 23:04
One thing, though. In my experience, they universally and absolutely detest Muslims.

Are you saying that's bad ?

If so, a certain PPRuNe 'poster' will be after you !

30th May 2014, 00:24
"In my experience ethnic minorities can be among the most racist or prejudiced people that I've come across."

As someone who has spent a large part of my life as an "ethnic minority" myself, in several nations, it did not take me too long to work out that WASPs do not hold a monopoly on being racist. They do seem to have the monopoly on feeling guilty about it however.

30th May 2014, 00:27
"They do seem to have the monopoly on feeling guilty about it however."

That is so true.

30th May 2014, 00:37
They do seem to have the monopoly on feeling guilty about it however.

They do seem to have the monopoly on being made to feel guilty about it.....

Just my humble opinion :ok:

30th May 2014, 01:07
A couple of thousand years of fighting off permanently angry, murderous, invading Muslim Afghans, possibly gave the Sikhs their substantial dislike of any Muslims.

I have to agree with the previous posters. All the Sikhs I have ever encountered have been fine, upstanding, law-abiding citizens, many of whom played substantial roles in local affairs.

And if you wanted some serious fighters with a reputation for toughness, look no further than armed Sikhs. The 300,000 Sikhs who made up the Sikh regiments in WW2 were distinguished fighters - and they supported the Allies unwaveringly.

Sikhs in World War II - SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia. (http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Sikhs_in_World_War_II)

30th May 2014, 05:06
Meanwhile ..... in the real world ....the Office of National Statistics in Britain has just announced a few figures which may go somewhere toward explaining the "racist" findings.
Just a couple or so ....
In England alone the population is expected to rise from the present 53 million to 57 million by 2022.
The population is at present growing by 384,410 per annum, a figure which is equivalent to the present population of a city the size of Bristol.
In London the population will rise by 13% and in Tower hamlets alone by 22%.
In 2011 a total of 543,00 households had six or more people living together, a rise from 443,00 in 2001.
These increases are not all to do with immigration but for the most part a rise in births particularly in ethnic minority births.

Nothing exceptional about these findings. What is exceptional is that the original population hasn't risen up and slaughtered their elected representatives ..... yet.

John Hill
30th May 2014, 07:05
onetrack A couple of thousand years of fighting off permanently angry, murderous, invading Muslim Afghans, possibly gave the Sikhs their substantial dislike of any Muslims.

A couple of thousand years eh?

Oh, don't let our grammar nazi see that link, apparently they misspelled Field Marshall Viscount Slim's rank.

Effluent Man
30th May 2014, 07:12
Have to agree regarding Sikhs,they all seem decent sorts of coves.Discussing the race issue with my son last night we got talking about a chap who used to work for me.

In the mid 80's I bought a redundant filling station from Mobil.Part of the deal seemed to involve a character who we came to call "Vic Mobil".He was a retired marsh cowman who had taken a part time job as a pump attendant. When I moved in,having converted the place to a repar garage and car sales I kept Vic on to keep the cars clean.

One day he was complaining to me that the mechanic had been rude to a customer.This chap had come in because he had broken down and the mechanic,I think for no other reason than it was getting close to home time told him he couldn't help.Vic had taken his van and towed this man in.

We still laugh about it,Vic had said "I felt sorry for him and Dave was so rude....mind you,I will admit,he was a N****r.!

31st May 2014, 09:42
Meanwhile......in the real world, part two .... in M.P. David Blunkett's Sheffield electorate there has been rioting between Yemeni and Roma youths.
Hopefully the 'racist'English will stay out of it.

31st May 2014, 23:48
Racism and Racialists are nothing new.
Just check out the regiment with the motto " Azad Hind Fauj "
or have a look at the Boxer rebellion of 1903 to see what a race war where Europeans are slaughtered looks like. Although in fairness they did slaughter a lot of other Asian races as well as Europeans that had been living and investing for centuries amongst them.
History is full of nasty racial slaughters ,just look at what Idi Amin did to the other tribes in Uganda that were his tribes ancient enemies.
An African can slaughter entire tribes ,deport people who have been living in their country for centuries and nobody says boo, but if a non rap singer uses the N word oh dear ,it is the end of the world.
An African can sell another African into slavery in Benin in 2014 and nobody is bothered about it ,but if an East Indian or Korean tries to open a corner store ,Riots :)

1st Jun 2014, 05:55
An African can sell another African into slavery in Benin

Last year there was a case here where a Spanish farmer had bought an African slave. Obviously he was punished by the authorities but it was suggested at the time that his practice wasn't uncommon out in the countryside.