View Full Version : Your dog peed on my lawn: I'm going to sue you!

22nd May 2014, 17:46
No one wins in Toronto 'poop and scoop' case - Toronto - CBC News (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/no-one-wins-in-toronto-poop-and-scoop-case-1.2649723)

22nd May 2014, 18:39
The decision itself is worth a read for the humour if nothing else.
CanLII - 2014 ONSC 3061 (CanLII) (http://www.canlii.org/en/on/onsc/doc/2014/2014onsc3061/2014onsc3061.html)

22nd May 2014, 18:49
...the parties do not need a judge; what they need is a rather stern kindergarten teacher... the Plaintiffs and the Defendants are educated professionals... Despite their many advantages in life, however, they are acting like children.

22nd May 2014, 18:52
I may have tore up your lawn in my '40 ford.
I even passed out in your closet.

but I never - and I dont know who it could be - I never, ever, pissed in your steam iron........:E

23rd May 2014, 08:08
Well, if I ever identify the dog/owner combo(s) occasionally leaving piles of excrement on our front lawn, I'll personally return to sender via the same dog orifice it came from and the nostrils of said owner.

Have you ever experienced the effect of a rotary mower ploughing through a mound of turds? Not to mention an electric cable trailing through such a pile and thence around clothing and through hands?

DNA testing and licensing for all dogs. DNA testing of any turds found anywhere. It works. Substantially fine the culprits and donate the profits to charity.

Anyone with a dog peeing problem might consider an electric fence setup. :E

23rd May 2014, 08:13

Put a sign up, if it's a combo, they will read it !

23rd May 2014, 08:25
Hmm, I guess some of the dogs might just about have the intelligence.

Reminds me of this thread:


Lots of questions answered - by me.

Still no questions answered by others - one obvious individual in particular. Surely can't be too busy arranging flowers or words. :rolleyes:

Worrals in the wilds
23rd May 2014, 08:30
The decision itself is worth a read for the humour if nothing else.Youchie.:ouch:
Not just dismissed, but drop-kicked out the court-house front door...:}

23rd May 2014, 08:32
This reminded me of Colin, a good friend of mine who complained to the householder across the road in Boronia Grove, Doncaster (Melbourne), about their dog continually crapping on his nature strip. The response was neither friendly nor apologetic, so Colin, who subscribed to the maxim "revenge is best served cold", collected the dog turds for a few weeks and then deposited them in the letter box of the dog owner.

Never had a problem from that time onwards.:ok:

23rd May 2014, 09:56
Thank you for this magnificent court opinion. I have printed a copy which I will leave on the table in the judges' coffee room. Wonderful stuff. :ok:

23rd May 2014, 12:08
When I lived in Austria there was a German shepherd that came and cra**ed on my lawn one morning. Then bu**er me his dog came by later and did the same...

23rd May 2014, 14:15
I would happily accept some dog pee on my front garden - in exchange for the stinking crap the two tomcats from next door leave there.

Stinks the place out for days.

Lon More
23rd May 2014, 15:21
DNA testing and licensing for all dogs. DNA testing of any turds found anywhere. It works Newspaper ad in Rotterdam on April 1 advised dog owners to take a sample from their dog to the Town Hall for DNA test and registration. Quite a few did.

Indeed revenge is best served cold, accompanied in this case with a side of fried dog turd.

Standard Noise
23rd May 2014, 15:40
If a dog pees on your lawn or better still, a bitch, run out with a watering can and water the patch it peed on, you'll have lovely lush grass soon enough. Trust me, our old Lab went over Rainbow Bridge recently but she's left us with a lovely lawn.

24th May 2014, 09:42
Ah, but now she's busy pushing up daisies.

Mr Optimistic
24th May 2014, 09:46
But if you don't water it you will get patches of coarse grass (and no it won't swear at you, just the odd reproach).

24th May 2014, 14:02
There should be a "You've got to be joking" verdict which, when rendered, makes the plaintiff's attorney liable for the expenses of running the court.

After an excellent landing etc...

24th May 2014, 17:01
What a clasic judgement.

25th May 2014, 04:24
I do like the fact that the judge referred to it as a "motions court". Definitely appropriate with all the talk of dog turds.

Ancient Observer
30th May 2014, 17:09
Some one was taking the piss.