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22nd May 2014, 13:30
French trains too wide for the platforms.


BBC News - Great miscalculations: The French railway error and 10 others (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-27509559)

22nd May 2014, 13:44
The designers had failed to take into account the "synchronised footfall" effect - as the bridge began to sway, people would adjust their footsteps to the rhythm of the bridge's movements, inadvertently magnifying them

One of my evil tricks when crossing hanging cable-rope bridges like
the Capilano bridge in Vancouver

Exciting Things to Do in Vancouver | Capilano Suspension Bridge Park (http://www.capbridge.com/)

Many ahead of me who are screaming in terror have no idea why the bridge is suddenly unstable.

22nd May 2014, 14:22
This story is very strange.

The OFSO's are VERY frequent users of the TGV. A few months ago we embarked on one with all new interior, flat display screens, LED lighting, very new, very unlike the ones we normally ride on. I said to the wife "this must be one of the new series". And she answered "have you noticed how much NARROWER this is than the old ones ? Go and look at the gap between the side of the train and the platform". So I did and it was about 6-10cms narrower. Even inside it looked narrower.

So now we have the new ones and they are WIDER than the old ones. WTF did we get on at Perpigan in December ?

BTW, the BBC f*cked up themselves in the article. The new trains which are too wide are TGVs. The one in the photograph isn't.